Playing The Favourite – INTERVIEW – Tarah Who?

Welcome to the feature where we talk to musicians about some of their favourite things about the industry. Today we speak to Tarah and Coralie from the band Tarah Who? to find out all about their favourite things. Also check out Toast to The Brave to hear their latest music.

What is your Favourite:

Song you have written :

TGC: I don’t have a favorite..All the songs are so personal, they are almost like a diary of my life, thoughts and experiences…

Lyric :

TGC: same… and it really depends on how I feel that day and what I relate to at the moment.


CH:  It’s the band Nightwish.

TGC: I really liked Taylor Hawkins… So sad… 

Film or television show

CH: The Boyz on Amazon Prime.

TGC: Right now, I really like Flack, fleabag, wentworth, insecure, locked up, money heist etc…

Venue to perform at

TGC: it really depends… to me it’s not about the venue but more about the staff, the crowd, the sound engineer etc… 

Item to take with you on tour :

CH: Phone charger hahahaha.

TGC: Toothbrush, make-up/make-up remover, deodorant. Essentially, Toiletries… 


CH: Drums all the way.

TGC: Drums, bass, and guitar. I can’t pick one because they are a balance to me. They are not complete without the other to make a beautiful grunge noise, rock sound. 

Song to play live

CH: I really like to play the new songs live.

TGC: I love to play “ache” because by the tie we play that song, people are usually super hyped and ready to moshpit and let go! 

Album by another musician

CH: Human. :||: Nature. by Nightwish.

TGC: The Distillers, Coral Fang, JLP by Alanis.

Memory of tour

CH: I really love to travel and discover new places.

TGC: Gosh we have so many memories. We actually have an inside joke now because we do so much that we sometimes don’t remember what we have done just a few days ago and it feels like it was months ago. So we say ” do you remember when…” and then the conversation goes on and on with everything we just have done!

Era for music

CH:I love the 80s. 

TGC: I am a 90s gal through and through.

Part of making a record

CH: Try to work on your sound.

TGC: I love writing a song and feel really excited just about making the demo. Then when we go in to the studio, I love adding the layers of each instruments and hearing how it sounds more and more full. I love adding the arrangements ( percussions or other noises we hear) and then of course the mastering.. When you’re like… “wow we did that!”

Thing about performing at festivals

CH: The good vibe.

TGC: The chaos. We jsut played the hellfest and wheels and waves and both had the best vibes. Everyone is so excited to be there, it’s usually hot or even if it is rainy, people still keep on a good attitude. I don’t know I love festival energy!


TGC: you have only one life to live and to remember, make it count! 

Thing about the music industry at the moment

TGC: More Female musicians and women in rock music! Make room for hard working independent musicians! They also deserve to be heard!

Thing about this year so far?

CH: It was really good to go back on stage after two years.

TGC: New album coming out with really exciting collaborations, we just finished a really fun and intense European tour! 

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