Playing The Favourite – INTERVIEW – Picnic Lightning 

Welcome to the feature where we talk to musicians about some of their favourite things about the industry. Today we speak to Picnic Lightning to find out all about their favourite things. The band have recently released the song Six Feet Under it is time to play a little game to find out more.

What is your Favourite: 

Song you have written 

That’s a hard one, and probably changes year to year. We’d probably have to pick Over My Head, one of our newer singles. It’s a dreamy, massive post-rock soaked in vocal harmonies, with lyrics that attempt to express our spiritual journeys/matters of the soul. 


I think we all identify with a lyric from the newest single, Six Feet Under: “Some days I just cannot tell / if I even want to be well.” It’s fun to sing and play, especially live, but it also really captures a mood that can be somewhat confusing or illogical. 


Cole loves Radiohead, and their early stuff is definitely a clear influence on our style. We each have our own faves, but Elliot Smith & Arcade fire are also at the top of that list. 

Film or television show 

“I Think You Should Leave” is probably guaranteed to be on all of our lists. We love sloppin’ our steaks, and John is a platinum member of Dan Flashes. The precursor to that show, Detroiters, is a close second. 

Venue to perform at 

We gotta give a shoutout to our home town, Fort Worth. A vibrant music scene with a newer venue, Tulips, that sounds great, and is really making a name for itself as a good touring venue that cares for the artists. It’s also nice to not have to drive an hour to Dallas to see and play with other touring acts. 

Item to take with you on tour 

Hydroflask. Or a pen. John loves his Under Armour, so there’s always a few moisture wicking shirts lying around. 


Thomas really digs his Gibson 60’s neck P90 SG. It’s got a big, hairy tone and it’s very lightweight. Pair that with the Earthquake Ghost Echo reverb and we’ve got a party, but there’s definitely no world without the Fuzz War from Death by Audio. This is inching into gear territory, so we’ll stop it here.

Song to play live 

Titans, Psalms, & 7s has been on every setlist since the very first show and we still don’t get tired of playing it. That’s really saying something. Other than that, Six Feet Under and Pre-Pangea are both upcoming singles that are fun to perform. 

Album by another musician 

We’ll keep up the Radiohead love in honor of our boy Cole and go with “The Bends.” 

Memory of tour 

There was a time we told John we were all going to dress in formalwear and he showed up looking like he was part of the Party Down cast and we were all in our usual garb. The show itself wasn’t anything special, but that event was pretty memorable. 

Era for music 

An impossible question. No cop out, they truly are all great. They each have their flair and spirit that makes them rich and fun and endless. Even seeing how technology is rapidly changing music in the current is super cool. 

Part of making a record 

The recording process is our favorite part. We love taking time to working out ideas, collaborating with each other, and just hanging out for days at a time without a clock or other demands. That process led to our upcoming single, Killer Tofu, a cover of the classic 90’s Doug song. We originally played that straight as a fun live cover, but after messing around in the studio after a few beers, we found this version that really hooked us. Same with the dreamy spaciousness of Over My Head that we just put out in May. 

Thing about performing at festivals 

Built in crowds of people who love music and are in the party spirit is hard to beat. 


“I was within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life.” – F Scott Fitzgerald 

Thing about the music industry at the moment 

The industry is a weird place, and probably always will be. But the excitement that’s building from pent up creative energy during the first phases of COVID has created a good energy in the wider music community. Feels more communal and less competitive.

Thing about this year so far? 

We’ve really enjoyed releasing these singles that have been sitting on a hard drive for a while. It feels right, and the reaction has been great. We released Six Feet Under in July , with another one, Pre-Pangea that was released in September and a few others after that. Check them out, our back catalog too, available on all platforms.

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