Improv Corner – Playing The Favourite – INTERVIEW with In Stitches Theatre Company

Welcome to a brand new feature which we are going to feature ever so often as part of Improv Corner. Ever so often. we are going to talk to improv acts about some of their favourite things about the comedy form. Today we speak to Molly Jennings of the brand new theatre company In Stitches that was formed out of graduates of Rose Bruford. Today I find out all about parts of improv that are better then the rest in a game I like to call Playing The Favourite.

What is your Favourite:

improv style

Short form, it’s what I’m most familiar with.

Short form game

Oooo, either bachelor or sound effects!

Improv act 

Black cherry theatre company in Bournemouth brought me into improv world, so them!

Film or television show

The office, the improvised scenes in that are hilarious.

Venue to perform at

Well Hen and Chickens was our first!

Way to wind down

Chill Music

Way to warm up 

Games Games Games.


I love it when audience members react and we take that as the suggestion, for example- I asked for the name of a chapter title and someone replied “oh bloody hell”.

Show by another improv act

HalloweenProv by SFA Schools improv group “Room4Improvment” check em out!

Memory of a show

The first time this group performed to anyone and heard brand new laughter.

Part of rehearsing a show

Learning new games!

Thing about performing 

The applause.


“There’s no point doing it unless it’s gonna be better than the scripted stuff”

Thing about the improv  industry at the moment

It’s expanding, we are free to branch into whatever we want!

Thing about this year so far?

Setting up this company, we are less than 6 months old!

If you are an improvisers or want your improv troupe to feature get in contact by emailing us at

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