Improv Corner – Playing The Favourite – INTERVIEW with AdLibretto

Welcome to a brand new feature which we are going to feature ever so often as part of Improv Corner. Ever so often. we are going to talk to improv acts about some of their favourite things about the comedy form. Today we speak to Neil Goulder of the improv troupe Adlibretto, a musical improv troupe. This week, they have a variety of shows, two shows at Bureau of Silly Ideas – double bill with RUNT Theatre in Brixton on the 22nd and 23rd and a show on the 24th at the Hoopla Marathon at London Bridge. Today I find out all about parts of improv that are better then the rest in a game I like to call Playing The Favourite.

What is your Favourite:

Improv style:

Improvised Musical

Short form game:

Audience Lines

Improv act: 


Film or television show:

Green Mile / Taskmaster

Venue to perform at:

Cockpit Theatre

Way to warm up:

Musical Eight Things


Eight Cereals That Haven’t Been Invented

Show by another improv act:

Unbound Impro’s Kurosawa

Memory of a show:

Corpsing badly when performing Three Headed Expert with Couch Impro … they lost it … the audience lost it … we had tears running down our faces

Part of rehearsing a show:

discovering a new angle in our format which adds a new element to our toolkit.

Thing about performing:

Getting an entire audience to sing along to the chorus of an improvised song they have never heard before.


in a long form show about pop-up bibles “Look – it’s Onan – you can see his hand moving”

Thing about the improv industry at the moment:

The breadth of formats on offer, from the silly to the heartbreakingly sad.

Thing about this year so far?

Assembling a group of achingly talented improvisers to form AdLibretto in March. We are taking the show to places that have never had impro, never had musical acts, and often have no concept of what we do and how we do it. There is pretty much nowhere (outside of the impro clubs such as Hoopla) where we’re a natural fit, yet we have lined up over 20 shows already, and have been shortlisted for a commission to create Petticoat Lane The Musical.

If you are an improvisers or want your improv troupe to feature get in contact by emailing us at

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