Playing The Favourite – INTERVIEW – Pressure

Welcome to the feature where we talk to musicians about some of their favourite things about the industry. Today we speak to Swedish band Pressure. They have recent released In A Dark Heart We Trust so it is the perfect time to find out all about their favourite things.

What is your Favourite:

Song you have written

It shifts almost from day to day depending on which mood I am in, but right now I would say “Is This Who You Are?”


The story for the album (it’s a spoken lyrical/dramatic story that ties all the songs together) It’s the fourteenth track and its called “In a dark heart we trust”


I would say Freddie Mercury

Film or television show

Metal Lords – love a good laugh!

Venue to perform at

Any local venue because we love to be close to our fans

Item to take with you on tour

My Guitars!


I play a lot of instruments, my main instrument is the guitar but I play the drums, keyboard and bass. But I prefer my guitar

Song to play live

Our song “Ännu Mer”

Album by another musician

Halestorm – The strange case of…

Memory of tour

Pressure has not been on any tour yet. That is unfortunately but we are looking to do this later. My personal experiences are quite long! My favorite moments are when I am able to connect to the crowd. I feel really good after a show when I hear someone singing or humming one of the songs which we have played. I love to speak to people after the show and to test the limits. I mean Pressure tries to go against the mainstream and we do not have a standard lineup on stage. All to focus on our own genre that we invented that we call Story Metal.

Era for music

90ths Metal!

Part of making a record

The songwriting process. Its very rewarding to send ideas and things back and forth until the song is complete. We always start by having a lyric and after that we chose the kind of music that fits and tells the story of that song the best so we are very diverse in our writings.

Thing about performing at festivals

The energy of the crowd. People are happy. People are there for a good time and the party is always massive! Love the festivals


How can you sing and write songs about life if you don’t dare to live it?

Thing about the music industry at the moment

I would love for the industry to take a step back and to let good music be good music, now the industry is more about making products. This makes the music scene move in a wrong direction. I want the music scene to be all about the music, and not about looks, appearance and making a product. I want the scene to be full of creative minds that makes awesome music that can be performed live. 

Thing about this year so far?

We are very proud to have released our second album “In a dark heart we trust” It’s a concept album about how a real relationship can develop in life. There is conflicts, strong emotions and a lot of surprises in a relationship. Listen to the album and you weill recognize a lot of this things.

If you want to listen and follow us here are some links as well


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