NEW FEATURE: Playing The Favourite – INTERVIEW – Shark Bait

Welcome to a brand new feature where we talk to musicians about some of their favourite things about the industry. Today we speak to the band Shark Bait about their brand new single Late Bloomer. Today we play a little game with band member Ash to find out more about him.

What is your Favourite:

Song you have written 

Our new single Late Bloomer! Head over to your favourite streaming platform and listen while you read this interview! 


At the moment it’s from a song called ‘Goodbye’ by a band called mewithoutYou. It goes ‘knowing well that those that know don’t talk and those that talk don’t know’ 

I think it’s a beautiful way to put something that holds true in the real world, which is what all good lyrics should do. 


Stefan Babcock. He’s the guitarist in Pup, A super amazing Canadian punk rock band! 

Film or television show 

Wow so many! I love to have something on while i write the music for Shark Bait, just so, there’s more noise than my terrible guitar playing! For T.V, it’s got to be   It’s Alway’s Sunny in Philadelphia, it’s a regular staple of the Shark Bait house, we watch an episode a day  and have finished it a thousand times! For drama Westworld is a trip and I’d advise it to anyone!   

Venue to perform at 

This one’s got to be The Key Club in Leeds with the Slam Dunk crew. it’s our home away from home and it’s always  a killer show!  

Item to take with you on tour 

Clean Boxer shorts and spare shoes! 


Guitar, it can do anything and speaks to my soul! 

Song to play live 

It’s Late Bloomer hands down, when the second half of the verse kicks in!   

Album by another musician 

This is a super tough one, it’s too hard to pick just one! Any album by Pup, they can do no wrong! 

Memory of tour 

This one time, We were heading out, it was the first day of a tour. We pull onto the motorway outside our town, and the car started losing power just going up a little hill. We shrugged it off and crossed our fingers hoping everything was going to be ok, we crawl over this hill at like 20mph then at the top when we look back the boot door pings open  and all our gear is at risk of flying out!

We pulled over and tape/tie the boot shut. At this point we don’t think anything else can go wrong, the boot is sealed the power is back  and we’re on our way. Only 100 miles to go. About 40 minutes later we’re ripping down the motorway trying to make up for lost time and BOOM a tire blows out! Luckily, our driver Sam has lightning fast relaxes  and maximum chill so he just pulls over AGAIN!

We drag all our gear out on the grass next to the motorway  and get the spare out and put it on load back up and hit the road. We finally get to the show and something is off. You could taste the tension in the place. It turned out the ‘Promoter’ had double booked the room and the venue had no idea a gig was even on, never mind two!

All that and we don’t even play. It was hardcore in the moment but looking back it’s my favourite moment from a tour that pretty much sums up what being in a  DIY band is like. The rest of the tour went off without a problem too so we got everything out of the way on day one!    

Era for music 

It’s a super exciting time to be an artist right now (or an aspiring one) in 2022, anyone can make anything with the help of computers, using A.I like D.A.L.L.e, or recording songs in bedrooms that can reach the whole world i don’t think there’s ever been a better time to be creative. That said it would be nice to get paid more. 

Part of making a record 

It’s a funny one, but probably the stress of wanting the song to be ‘perfect’ while we’re in the studio really working at it and getting the feeling of a job well done once you get out. Then on the drive home you bang on the bootleg you made during the last listen, and everyone is smiling ear to ear. 

Thing about performing at festivals 

Green rooms and free booze! 


“If life hands you lemons you can gotta cram ’em down some punk’s throat til he sees yellow.” – Frank Reynolds 

Thing about the music industry at the moment 

How connected we all are, we can release a song here in the North of the UK and without a label it can be heard all over the world 

Thing about this year so far? 

Releasing Late Bloomer so far! If you made it this far down the interview go give it another spin for us! Thanks for reading and Keep it Real! 

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