Funny At The Fringe – Preview Review – Hannah Pilkes: A Woman on the Verge

Sadly, this year, The Phoenix Remix cannot go to the Edinburgh Fringe (we aim to make this up to you in 2023), however, we have been sent some previews of shows so instead we are reviewing those! Today is a review of the show A Woman on The Verge by Hannah Pilkes. Details are also below for where you can find the show at the Fringe this August

Hannah Pilkes: A Woman on the Verge

credit: Jennifer Mein Mein Lin

Location:   Underbelly, Bristo Square – Dexter (Venue 302 )

Dates: Aug 3rd-14th, 16th-29th

Time: 19:15

Price: £11 Concessions £10

Ticket Link:

This is Hannah’s solos debut at the Edinburgh Fringe, a comedy show that is character based, that is described as  a show that explores ego, shadow selves and adulting. As soon as the show begins, it has already set it’s tempo when Hannah approaches the stage and interacts with the audience as she walks through the audience and ‘gets ready’ on stage.

The concept is that Hannah is constantly ‘trying to start’ her show however, she is constantly interrupted with a variety of characters that are intertwined throughout that play a part in different aspects of her life. Some of the characters you are welcomed to are a dance class instructor, a wedding planner and even characters in a film that she goes to see in the cinema. The costume changes between the characters is very quick meaning that the show does not lose consistency and constantly allows you to be entertained.

This is a show that does not just engage with the audience but also uses them as an extension of the show and they become a strong part of the narrative throughout. Sometimes interacting with an audience in a show can make them feel nervous and intimated, however, Hannah has a way of making them feel welcome and that they have entered a safe space. I think this happens because throughout Hannah comes across as this person who has a hectic, chaotic life and when these characters appear they can both relate and sympathise. Also, the audience react with the show in so many different ways that it is really quite striking and fun. I mean, I don’t think I have seen a show before where the audience is willing to order a meal on stage from a fake menu or even ‘graffiti’ the comedian!

This show sort of defines what a good Fringe show should have, uniqueness, something completely different and gives the audience an experience they won’t forget and will tell others about. At some points there is even some improv thrown in as well. If you are on the search for a show that is a great mix of character lead comedy, you have to see this show.

Rating: ***** 5 stars

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