Funny At The Fringe – INTERVIEW –The Lovely Boys

It is festival season and that means that in the next month there is so many great comedy festivals to look forward to! This month we are looking at some of the great shows that you can see at the Edinburgh Fringe. So take note because we are going to give you all the information you need for just a handful of some of the great shows happening this year! We have also been able to interview some of the acts that are heading up to the Fringe as well.

The Lovely Boys

Location: Just the Tonic at The Caves –  Just The Wee One (Venue 88)

Dates: Aug 4th-14th, 16th-28th

Time: 17:30

Price: £5

Ticket Link:

Hello! Tell us about yourself? 

We’re an alternative comedy double act from the North of England. We’re best  friends of 10 years and have been working together for the past 4. We’ve always loved mucking about together and it’s great to be doing it together on stage. 

How did you come up with the name of your show that your taking to the fringe? 

We’re really friendly, polite and we want to let everybody know this. We’d really be missing a trick if we didn’t include this in the title of our show. Also we feel there’s  something very classy about a self-title. 

Tell us all about your show! 

The show is an equal mix of chaotic northern clowning and a celebration of love and  friendship. We love being silly with each other and also just love each other in general. Once  we started working together we realised it really just made sense to bring as much of our friendship into our performances as we could. We often describe our show as Broad City  meets The League of Gentlemen. 

What other acts are you looking forward to seeing at the fringe? 

Ooooh so so many… “Freddie Hayes: Potatohead” is a very big one for us, she’s creates such magical funny worlds and has us both in stitches all the time!! We also really love  everything that comes from “The Delightful Sausage” and can’t wait for “Christian Brighty:  Playboy”. You can catch us both appearing in “Sam and Joe: Strikeout” and “Luke Rollason:  Bowerbird” so we’d definitely recommend these shows as well. 

Have you done the fringe before? What are the key pieces of advice you have been  given or would give to new groups or people performing at the fringe. 

We’ve done the fringe before but this our first time taking a show up for the full run together. We helped out on a mixed bill together in 2019 and have also worked in the  past as flyerers and techs. Our main piece of advice would be to make sure you look  after yourselves. It’s important to remember that the fringe doesn’t really mean anything to the majority of the world and it’s definitely not worth your health and  wellbeing. 

What have been some of your favourite shows to date and why?

“Tom Walker and Demi Lardner: We Musn’t” was a big for us. It was great to see a double  act with such of a shared and warped, sense of fun. It was so clear how close those two are  in real life. It was exactly the same with “The Delightful Sausage: Ginster’s Paradise”. We  loved that show, northern holiday camp grubbiness is a reference point that has a very  special place in both of our hearts. 

Favourite one liner you have done in a show and why? 

One time Mikey said ‘wabalaba do dong’ and got a standing ovation and we still  have no idea why 

What have been some of the most unique and different comedy shows you have  seen this year and why? 

Weirdo’s Weekend during Leicester Comedy Festival was great. After lockdown it  was amazing to see so many creative shows after such a long break. “Alwin  Solanky: What You Leave Behind” was a fantastic and incredibly moving show with  possible one of the greatest bits about talking pets we’ve ever seen. 

What is the best way to enjoy yourself at the fringe? 

Ignore it all. Stay indoors, close the curtains and put the telly on. 

The best thing about performing at the fringe? 

It’s great to be able to see such a mix of shows all happening around each other. We  probably wouldn’t have discovered the live alternative comedy scene if it wasn’t for  the fringe. 

The most challenging thing about performing at the fringe? 

It’s an endurance test and it can be very hard to not let it grind you down. The Fringe  is unrelenting and wants to take all of your money from you, just for the privilege of  contributing to it. The whole thing is very unsustainable and just not friendly to artists  at all. Come on people, you’ve not even bothered to make an app this year. 

What would be your top three items every performer must take to the fringe?

Laptop, phone charger, phone. 

What’s the secret to successful flyering? 

Flyering is all about making personal connections. You need to be yourself and be  as friendly and likeable as you can. It’s these sort of interactions that really stick in  people’s minds and gets the bums on seats. 

Who would be your ultimate dream audience member? 

We’d love for Adele to come see the show. She has a very distinctive laugh. Forget  Rolling in The Deep, she’ll be rolling in the aisles! 

If people want to find out more about you where can they follow you on social  media? 

We’re on Instagram and Facebook @thelovelyboyscomedy 

And Finally in three words – Why should people come and see the show?

Lovely Stupid Fun

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