Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022

Travel At The Fringe – This Week -Let’s Talk Food!

Edinburgh Fringe can be a really daunting event as there is so much to see and so much to do that sometimes it can be hard to prepare as an audience member as to what you need to take with you or what you should do whilst you are there. I have only been a couple of times with an aim to go many more times in the future. The one thing I have realised is that I really wish there was something I could have read to prepare for the days I was there.

So, I thought this year let’s change that! For all those performing, we will have great advice throughout the month in our Funny At The Fringe interviews for what you should take, prepare etc. This article is for the audience member – newcomer, a regular, there for a day, there for a week – I hope this article will be able to help you over the next month get prepared for fringe.

Let’s Talk About Food

There is one thing that I never knew was a key part of the Fringe until I was rushing around and in the centre of running from venue to venue, is the food. There are so many food stands scattered around the city when the Festival is on and some of it is really good. I think I have had some of the best truck food in my life from the Fringe as they know they have lots of people to please. I am not going to recommend certain food places because there are way too many but here are a few key points I learnt.

+ Enjoy food on the go – One thing you learn very fast at the Edinburgh Fringe is that you have to appreciate food on the go! If you are only at the Fringe for a few days you may want to cram everything in so you can do more. When this happens you learn to eat whilst walking or waiting – it isn’t pretty and I am not a fan of rushing food but sometimes it is your only option. 

+ Explore the food trucks – The food trucks at the Edinburgh Fringe are everywhere and it is the perfect excuse to try lots of new things. I had some amazing food from some of these pop ups including the best vegetarian gyozas I have ever tried and bao buns that were spicy but so full of taste. Most of your budget may be going towards the tickets but make sure that you also keep some aside and factor for the food. 

+ Check out restaurants to eat in – It is not all about the food available for the Fringe, it is also about the local businesses. There are some fantastic local restaurants if you look for them and it is always nice to have a bit of time out from the festival to enjoy these. Also due to the fact the Festival can be quite intense, having that little bit of a time out both as a performer or an audience member is like gold. 

+ Find a good cake and tea place – Sometimes you will find the perfect little waiting time for a good cup of tea, coffee and a slice of cake. it may sound silly but these become really exciting and something that you end up looking forward to. When I did the Fringe in 2019 a friend and I found it the perfect place to chill out, treat ourselves and even meet new people. We ended up having a  great conversation with a Casting Director from Broadway while we were eating cake and sipping tea. 

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