Today’s Featured Artist – INTERVIEW – Wild Horse

Tell Us about:

Your latest single you have released:

Our latest single is called ‘Joy Ride’. It’s a funky rnb summer banger all about car sex. We’re personally obsessed with the song and we’re fully convinced it will be the song of the summer for all your readers. It’s a feel good tune which doesn’t take itself too seriously. We feel that there’s not enough of that in music these days.

There’s too many songs and acts that try to take themselves too seriously. At the end of the day, music doesn’t have to always be about having really deep and preachy messages. Ultimately, music is about having fun and forgetting about your problems. Joy Ride is the perfect song for that. It’s also definitely our most ambitious track to date. It’s taken us away from the dynamic of just being another band of white guys with guitars. Joy Ride has taken us in a direction which no other band is doing right now.

The song has throwback 80s elements with synths and electronic drum fills but it also has a fresh, new and exciting feel to it which makes it stand out from anything else in music at the moment.

Your first single and how you felt when it was released:

Because we’ve always been extremely prolific with songwriting, we had actually released a full album before we had even released a single. We released our first album “It’s Begun” when we were extremely young, around the ages of 12-14, and it was really just a homage to bands before us that we looked up to. We definitely remember feeling a bit strange when the album was released. To be honest, that feeling still hasn’t gone.

Every time we release a song or a project, we feel a bit odd. It’s like a mixture of excitement because people finally get to here what we’ve been working on, and also emptiness because we would have spent a period of our lives putting our whole soul into a song or project, from the writing and recording to the promotion, and once it’s out there’s a feeling that it’s no longer ours. It instead belongs to our fans. But once that initial feeling passes, we’re just excited that we’ve been able to put music out that people enjoy. It’s really humbling that we’re able to do what we do, even after nearly a decade of being together.

What’s really weird is that we can say we’ve been together for nearly a decade but we’re still only in our early 20s!

Your favourite song that you have created that is an album track:

This is a difficult one because it’s always changing.
At the moment, Jack’s favorite album track is “Coffee in the Morning” from our latest album “When the Pool is Occupied”. It’s a jazzy relaxed piano track with a driving beat. It’s always a crowd favorite and it gives Jack the chance to get a bit more intimate with the crowd at our shows. It’s also about a very chaotic period in his life, but one that he looks back on fondly.

Ed’s favorite album track currently is “Footprints in the Sand” also from “When the Pool is Occupied”. From the moment Jack showed Ed and Henry the song just after he had written it, Ed took a strong liking to it. It reminds him of U2 and the Police. He thinks it’s one of our strongest ever tracks. It also has a strong synth and electronic influence which was fun to experiment with when recording.

Henry’s favorite album track at the moment is “Anxiety” also from “When the Pool is Occupied”. It’s a disco inspired banger with a driving 808 bass line. He just finds it really fun to play. It was also a really fun experience to record.

You’ve probably noticed that all of our favorites are from our most recent album. That’s because we feel it was a transformative moment for the band. We feel it took us from being a at a certain level to having the limitless potential we feel we have now. We challenged ourselves to record the album ourselves at home after being told that we wouldn’t be able to do it. We have a massive drive to prove people wrong. So we recorded the album at home, on our own terms. This gave us the space to experiment and really find ourselves musically.

We had not been able to do this before. It really was an eye opening and incredible experience and something that we recommend any band to do in order to find out your true musical identity as individuals and as a group.

Your favourite song to play live:

Again, this is difficult as it always changing. At the moment, Jack’s favorite to perform is an unreleased song called “BABY!”. It’s a fast paced punk track that we like to close out our shows with. It always gets the crowd going and ensures that there is an electric energy left when we leave the stage. For some reason, where ever we go that song makes people lose control. We’ve seen the crowd do some incredible things to that song. It kind of takes people over. Mosh pits start, clothes come off, people come running over. It makes you feel like you are starting a musical revolution when you’re playing it, it’s a true live track.

Ed’s favorite to perform is actually another unreleased track called “Magpies” which we sometimes put in the set. It’s a blues inspired track with the most badass hook. It gets people moving and it just makes you feel cool as fuck when playing it. It’s one of Ed’s favorites that we’ve written. The beat he lays down on it is really driving as well and adds this impeccable groove to it, taking the song to a new level.

Henry’s favorite to perform currently is our new single “Joy Ride”. It just has such a cool and fun bass line. It always gets the crowd growing and has become a fan favorite in the two weeks it’s been out. It’s fast become a staple of our live set. People know the track and lose it when we play it. It’s really amazing to see people singing along to the track with us before it was even out. It’s just a feel good track, and that is evident in the crowd reaction every time we play it.

Your most emotional track:

We’ve got a few emotional tracks. Our most emotional is probably “Breakthrough” off of our recent album “When the Pool is Occupied”. It’s about coming to terms with the fact that a long term relationship has come to an end and being ok with the fact that both people need to move on with their lives. Its always an emotional thing when one chapter of your life comes to an end, but it’s also equally as hopeful and exciting as a new period of your life begins.

The best lyric you have ever written:

This is a really difficult one as we have so many songs, but it is probably “When the pool is occupied, I’m through it, now the pool is full, I’m cool bitch” From our song “Kelsie” from “When the Pool is Occupied”. That album became sort of a symbol of self love for us whilst we were making it and that lyric resonated with us that we had finally discovered ourselves and learned to love ourselves for who we are. That album taught us a lot about ourselves. That lyric, especially the title lyric means a lot to us. It better do, considering Jack got the title lyric tattooed on him!

Describe the feeling you get when you walk on stage to do a show:

Electric. We are so confuse in ourselves. We know that on stage is where we belong and where you see Wild Horse at their best. Before we walk on, many people in the crowd may not know who we are but we know they are about to see something unlike anything they have ever seen before. That’s a really special feeling. To know that you’ve got the crowd in the palm of your hand before you’ve even hit the first note is something which we will never get tired of.

The hardest track to play live:

To be honest, we’ve actually managed to adapt to playing all of our songs live really well. We don’t want to replicate note for note what’s played on the record otherwise what would be the point in coming to see us play live. We’ve always wanted to bring something slightly different at our shows so we have had no problem adapting tracks so far.

However, we are about to record a song which may cause some problems as it relies quite heavily on a really cool sample. We’ll find a way to play it live when the time comes though, don’t worry about that!

Essential items you always take on tour with you?

Because we’re so young, we’ve never actually been able to go on tour because of things like School holding us back. But now that’s mostly out of the way, we hope to start touring soon. If we were to go on tour, our essential items would be a laptop with recording software on so we could continue to write and make demos whilst on the road.

Also, we would need wardrobes full of extravagant stage clothes. We love to stand out on stage and express ourselves through fashion. We’re talking, glittery jump suits, colorful suits, crop tops, the lot really. We’d also need some deodorant and aftershave so we don’t have to go on stage smelling of crap!

Describe your fans in three words:

Beautiful, incredible, appreciated.

A song by another artist or band you wish you had written:

Easy. Sympathy for the Devil by The Rolling Stones. It’s just one of the best songs of all time. So well written. It’s the track that really got us into music. It speaks so effortlessly of the time that it was written but also it has managed to have a timeless impact. We strive to be able to write a song with the same impact as this. One day we will.

What we can look forward to from your band this year:

Lots of things. Our new single “Joy Ride” is out now and is receiving an incredible amount of love. We’ve already got our next release ready to be dropped within the next couple of months and we are about to go back to the studio to record some new songs we are very excited about. We are always playing gigs and growing our fan base. We hope to start planning a tour soon as finally school is no longer an issue holding us back from that. Either way, you’re going to be seeing a lot more of Wild Horse, that is something I can absolutely confirm.

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