Listed! – This Week – Beloved Childhood Toys

Welcome to the feature where every fortnight we will explore different topics that are listed in the book A List A Day by Paperchase. They range from food, music and travel to really random topics so I thought it wold be a fun one to talk about throughout the year!

Today’s List: Beloved Childhood Toys

We all have toys that were a huge part of our childhood, well today we look at some that were a huge part of mine. There are so many that could of been put on this list but I wanted to talk about a few that were very close to my heart

Teddy – I have had one of my teddy’s since I was nine years old and it is something that I absolutely love. It is a bear that is very traditional in it’s look with brown tatty fur and a scarf and since it has been hugged so much over the years it has that worn out look. There is nothing better than a teddy bear and I am so happy I have kept it all these years. 

 Buzz Lightyear – It was Christmas Eve and I had not even seen Toy Story as it was still very new out. There was a really long queue outside of the Disney store and we decided to join it to get the new Buzz Lightyear toy. Toy Story ended up being one of my favourite films luckily and it was so great to have a toy like this. Over the years they have developed the Buzz to do more than the original version could do but I still love my original so much more than these modern updates. I also eventually got Woody when they released it and I still love that as much as I did as a kid as well. 

PS1 – One of the most prized possessions I had as a kid was the Playstation One as it was such a huge surprise when we got one. I have always loved gaming and this console really was one of the ones that started it off for me. I still remember the nights we used to spend playing Tomb Raider 2 and Crash Bandicoot. 

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