Sunday Book Club – Diddly Squat: A Year On The Farm, Jeremy Clarkson

Every Sunday we are taking a look at the world of books. I read a lot and always want to share my opinions on what I read, so I thought it would be fun to write reviews. Today we are going to head over to Jeremy Clarksons Farm Diddly Squat.

Diddly Squat: A Year On The Farm (2021)

Jeremy Clarkson


Welcome to Jeremy’s farm. It’s an idyllic spot, offering picturesque views across the Cotswolds, bustling hedgerows, woodlands and natural springs. Jeremy always liked the idea being a farmer. But, while he was barrelling around the world having more fun with cars than was entirely reasonable, it seemed obvious that the actual, you know, farming was much better left to someone else.

Then one day he decided he would do the farming himself.

After all, how hard could it be?

– from Waterstones

Positive Points

The book is formed of articles that Jeremy Clarkson has written for his column, since the world was in lockdown, he started to read about his experiences of taking on the world of farming. Each of the chapters are short which means it is a great book to read on the go as you can always come back to it. There are some chapters where you learn maybe something new about farming and then there are others where you find amusing stories about Clarkson’s calamities.

Negative Points

If you have seen the Amazon Prime show Clarkson’s Farm then a lot of this book will be stories that you are familiar as it talks about certain aspects in depth.

Overall Review

As far as Jeremy Clarkson books go, I think this is one of the books that most people can read and enjoy something out of it. The fact that is not all about cars means that it is more accessible. I will say though it is slightly disappointing it is very close to what the show explores but if you read all of the book you will come across stories that are not mentioned in the show.

Rating : *** 3 Stars

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