Improv Corner – You Don’t Have To Be The Funny One

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If there is one thing about improv that is addictive, it is the fact when audience members laugh at you when you perform something on stage. The laughter can be addictive and it can cause you to force yourself into always being the funny one in the show. However, at some point in improv you start to realise in improv you do not need to be the funny one to make an impact on a show.

Deciding to be the ‘funny’ one on stage can backfire for a number of reasons:

1) Whilst you may of been hilarious in your show the other night in front of an audience, it does not mean that this will be the case this time around. You should treat every audience as different and do not expect everyone to react to the same thing.

2) If you go on stage with the mindset that you are going to be the ‘funny one’ no matter what it can disrupt the show or the scenes. You may be forcing the comedy or making decisions on stage that you may not of normally made just to try and get that laugh.

3) It can effect your quality, it may make you focus on the quantity of the laughs then the actual quality of the laugh you may get. Don’t be that person that goes to the cheap joke to get the comedy.

4) It could be classed as selfish by other members of your team. Improv is best when shared and hogging the limelight will not go down well with your team or other players.

Improv should be all about the organic nature of a scene, allowing the jokes to naturally arise or find a place for themselves within the scene. If you spend the whole time trying to be funny you may get caught up in your head and actually come across as not having fun on stage.

Now don’t get me wrong, getting a laugh that is directed at you is so fun, it is so exciting and I know that it is all what we want secretly down inside. Try not to allow the need for a laugh be the reason you do improv. Enjoy the improv and improv will allow you to enjoy!

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