INTERVIEW: Factually Inaccurate Returns To The Miller Tomorrow

If you are in London tomorrow, then I have a treat for you, the alternative comedy night Factually Inaccurate returns to the stage. Coming off the success of the last show, this months has another fantastic lineup including Thom Tuck and Helen Duff. I spoke to James Walsh To find out all about it.

Hey James, You are back at the Miller, firstly tell us how did the last show go?

The last show was a triumph! We had Isy Suttie headlining, after she had to cancel the previous one due to scurvy, and she was fantastic and very lovely. It was a sell-out and people seemed to like my disgraced choose your own adventure character, so the only way is up. 

Who do you have lined up for this month?

We have returning champion Thom Tuck, splendid headliner Helen Duff, lovely first timers Camilla Borges and Ben Lund-Conlon, and the most Lukes ever found under one roof (two: brilliant clown Luke Rollason and sardonic loose canon Luke Beahan).

What can audiences expect from the show?

We are firmly an “alternative” comedy night and our main conceit is the fake lecture format. But we trust our guests to do whatever they want, and we have a really unusual booking policy which can be loosely surmised as “only booking people we really want to see ourselves”. Actually is this unusual at all? I really works, anyway. We’re having a great time.

James, you MC the evening, what is your favourite way to warm up a crowd?

Coming on stage as some stupid character and try to convince the audience they’ve turned up to a pub quiz by mistake. I call this, “warming down”. 

How do you wind down after a show?

I drink.

What makes your show different to others in london?

Jacob Hatton called us a “hidden gem” and “everything the London DIY scene should be”, which was kind of him. Also, I should probably mention that we’re the only comedy night in south London run by owls?

Tell us about this Comedy Fanzine as well?

Currently on hiatus. I love interviewing comedians and we’ve done some crackers over the past year, but I’m finding it difficult to make it work financially. But I have plans and schemes. It shall return.

What are your Social Media links?

@factuallyinacc on twitter 

All social media is run by aforementioned owls.

@factuallyinaccuratestandup on instagram 

In three words why should people come to the show?

Support live comedy! 

To purchase tickets click here to find out more

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