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The Travel Book – WALKS AROUND THE UK – Whitley Bay to Tynemouth, North East

Coastal Walks are some of my favourite things to do, when I lived in Newcastle one of the first day trips I did was this one as I was desperate to see the ocean. This is a fantastic walk and it really gives you the experience of seeing the rustic coastline of the North East. There is a lot of history in this area and there is a lot to see on this walk. I love this walk, I did it a lot and I wanted to share it with you.

Whitley Bay to Tynemouth, North East

Why This Walk?

If you are a fan of the ocean then this is the perfect walk to do to explore the coast of the North East. It welcomes you to some amazing views and also allows you to see some rustic coastline and some beautiful beaches.

What is to see?

The sea! There are also some lovely towns that you walk past as well including Cullercoats and also there are some really historic areas. If you go on certain days of the years you may also see a seal at Whitley bay if you go further towards the lighthouse as it is a place they are known to be.

The Walk

I went to Whitley Bay via Metro so I am going to start my walk at the station, when you come out of the station head down Station Road until you meet the main road Whitley Road. If you need the town centre then you head to the left however if you want to head straight to the beach then you cross the road and head straight down Esplanade. Follow the road round to S.Parade and you will eventually end up at the Promenade. When you get to the sea you will have a great view to the left of the lighthouse, however this walk goes to the right.

This walk isn’t the most difficult and is only about 2.5 miles maximum, but some of the views on this walk are pretty fantastic. There is no real directions as such as you just keep walking left until you arrive at Tynemouth Priory and Castle, however there are some highlights on the way.

Whitley Bay Beach – This may be at the start of the walk but it is a beautiful stretch of beach and you can get lost just looking out to see with such a beautiful coastline. This is a fantastic location to watch the world go by and also to appreciate just how pretty the North East can be.

Cullercoats – This is halfway through your walk and it is one of those beaches that is quite cute – it is a small little beach that is really sunny and really picturesque. Don’t be fooled though, it is a place that can have a really strong current and there have been a few fatalities in this area due to the waves.

Tynemouth Long Beach – Out of all the beaches on the walk this one is the most rustic and has these beautiful grass hills at the back of it. This is a massive beach and it is a place where all the dog walkers take them for a run. There is also a surf school and the Tynemouth Outdoor Pool which used to be Victorian and in recent years has been refurbished to be in use again.

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