The Bean Spillers Month – INTERVIEW – Bean There Done That!

This month is a fantastic one of The Phoenix Remix, as we are interviewing a duo whose show debuted at Brighton Fringe. Meet The Bean Spillers, Sam and Alex, a musical improv show that works by using a single piece of gossip to create an improvised narrative. In our last part of the interview we do a tradition quick fire round.

If you could be any animal what would it be and why?

An ant because you’ve always got your pals around (we’re not fans of the colonialist undertones though…)

Who is your favorite superhero and why?

Ant-man (see previous answer)

If a movie was made of your life what genre would it be, who would play you?

A very serious genre with zero jokes or laughs, and it would have to be two actors who have never knowingly made a joke on screen – we’re still looking.

If you could go any where in the world where would you go and why?

The Upper East Side of New York…it’s where Gossip Girl is set.

What would you do with your “15 minutes” of fame?

Probably just spend my time refreshing Twitter tbh.

What is one item you could NEVER live without?

Is gossip an item?

Marmite – love or hate?

We’re in a bit of a love-hate relationship but at the moment, love.

Last time you laughed very hard out loud?

Reading this question.

What is your favourite movie quote?

We make a point to forget all movie quotes in case we get accused of plagiarism in our improv, but one just won’t go away…“Ogres are like onions.”

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