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The Travel Book – WALKS AROUND THE UK – Winton To Bournemouth Beach, Dorset

I really enjoy walking and feel that it is a great way to see a place and to really experience the area more in depth. I went to University in Bournemouth so know the area well as did a lot of walking around the area. One of my favourite walks was to the beach via the park, it is a simple walk but a nice one.

Winton To Bournemouth Beach, Dorset

Why This Walk?

It is quite a nice little walk, you get to walk past some expensive, pretty looking houses, through a lovely park and then at the end get rewarded by seeing the sandy beaches of Bournemouth

What is to see?

It is quite a nice way to see the suburban living of Bournemouth and maybe as a tourist it is something you have never thought of looking for. As a resident it is quite a popular walk and you can se why. Meryck Part is always lovely to see and the beach just makes it the cherry on the cake.

The Walk

Head out of Winton town centre by following Wimbourne road all the way down to the roundabout, walk around the turning until you get to East Avenue which is actually the turning straight ahead of you. It is the road with tall trees shadowing the road. Stay on the left hand side of the road as you want to take the first left down Berwick Road. These roads are more peaceful and full of some lovely houses, it also is a short cut to walk down to the park.

When you get to the end of this road you will be welcomed with a sort of Y type junction, you want to turn right onto Meyrick Park Road so that you are walking down the hill. Follow this road all the way down until you come across a train bridge with three tunnels – this is the entrance to the park, the best way to walk in is again head to the left as that is where the pathway is.

The next part of the walk leads you through the park and depending on what day you go there could be rugby or football on. It is a lovely walk but like anything, if you are on your own please be alert as it is quite remote.

When you get to the exit of Meryck Park you will find yourself on Braidley road, you want to turn left here and head for the main road, when you get to the main road you want to turn right. This will leave you into town and when you see a huge car bridge then that is a sign that you are nearing the town.

You will eventually end up on Bourne Avenue and you follow this to the left and you will eventually see the park in front of you that leads to the beach, if you walk through this you will end up at the beach.

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