Behind The New Music – INTERVIEW –Breathe, Darlin! The Band

Welcome to the feature where we talk to musicians and artists to find out in depth information about their brand new singles and music.

Today we speak to Darlin! a Brooklyn based glam pop band about their brand their new single Breathe that was released today.

Hello! Tell us about your brand new single Breath ?

Breathe is a song about the intersection of having a dating profile and an anxiety disorder. It is about being terrified to open up romantically or intimately, all the while trying to work your way up to doing so because you’re lonely and know that connection is vital. Sonically, there are a lot of layers and elements that help us tell the story – the bridge is a great example; we blended atmospherics with trap-like rhythms to give it a little spice! Because, god knows, we love that spice!

How did the song come about?

We were all in the studio and decided to jam on a pre-recorded synthesizer part, and, in a matter of minutes, the song materialized. It was a real a-ha moment for our band! We knew we were onto something instantly, because every member found their groove with it without a struggle. Over the next few months, we worked on different arrangements for it and ultimately decided on this version, which we think packs a punch. We are very excited for everyone to listen!

How long did it take to write?

We’re excited to report the song came together quickly – they say that’s when you know you have a hit! In addition to the band clicking into it so effortlessly once the groove was established, Michael (our singer) was wrestling with a lot of the lyrical themes already in his personal life, so they just poured out of him after he did his homework of figuring out his melody line.

What is the main theme of the song?

It can be very hard to put yourself out there in a vulnerable and intimate way, especially if you have past trauma that causes these types of ventures to produce great anxiety. We should all be gentle with ourselves with this, just like the song moves from its verses into its choruses with grace and ease. But, by the bridge, our protagonist DOES decide it is ultimately worth it to try! And each member of Darlin! the Band would agree.

What about the production process, what was the trickiest thing about recording the track?

The trickiest thing we encountered was recording the song in the middle of the pandemic. Everything had closed and we had lost our studio. We were all remote and made the decision to record our parts separately at home. We would bounce the tracks back and forth and decide on which parts would stay. We had never operated like this before, so it came with a learning curve and some serious growing pains (not to mention we all missed each other!) So yes, we temporarily became a Zoom band, but, ultimately, this process helped us come up with different ways to record from home and work as a team!

How do you approach a new song in the studio?

We have many different approaches! Sometimes, one of us will bring in an idea and we will feed off each other to come up with parts and workshop. There are other times when we just decide to jam and a song materializes. Our singer Michael usually likes to write his lyrics at home, so he’s often recording the band with his phone in rehearsals to take home to import into Garageband for homework. And then slowly but surely, we build and build the pieces until a full song has materialized. Then, in the words of Bruno Mars and Cardi B, we finesse.

How do you feel on the release day of a new song?

Release day has a certain kind of energy to it. It is so exciting and anxiety-provoking. It feels just like when you make a gift for someone and give it to them. The songs come from a personal, intimate place – and you put so much collective love and attention on them. Then, once it is out, It is no longer yours. It now belongs to the world, and you watch it interact with everyone. You see people start to come to shows with parts – or the whole thing! – memorized. They remember your hooks or they were moved by the message. And that’s when you know that the band has done its job!

How do you think your fans are going to react to the new track?

Our fans will absolutely love this song! We have been playing it live for a while and it quickly became a crowd favorite. This is a spicier, remixed version of the song – something that no one outside of us has heard before! So we are thrilled to finally be bringing the official version to our fans.

Tell us about the music video? What was the inspiration?

The music video was the product of a brainstorm between all of us! It is a cheeky play off of “breathing” and “sweating,” placing us in the scenario of a classic 80s exercise class VHS tape. We wanted to make a fun video – because at the end of the day, even with lyrics about past traumas, we know the song has a breeziness to it that we hope makes everyone want to move. We wanted to have a variety of locations, too, so we made it a dream sequence and blended in performance footage. We really wanted people to see us in our natural element as a live, performing band, as that is where we feel most at home. That is the true Darlin! The Band experience.

Was it fun to film?

It was a blast to film! We worked with the wonderful folks of PheStudios, who brought so much life and creativity from a filmmaking perspective. The hardest part was doing some of the exercises while staring into the camera and keeping a straight face. At the end of the day, we got some serious laughs in – not to mention some exercise – so it was a win-win!

What is your favourite lyric in the track?

“Breathe, my inner child, breathe through this, breathe through this.” (Though, coincidentally, it is the hardest part to sing. Of course it would work out that way!)

For those who are new to your music, where can they find you on social media?

We are on all of your favorite streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.) and anywhere you can buy music. Our main social media page is our Instagram. Come follow us – we’d be elated to have you on the journey!

Finally three words why people should listen to your new single?

Energetic, Courageous, Fun

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