NEW FEATURE: Sunday Book Club – Dying In The Wool, Frances McNeil

Welcome to a brand new feature where we will be looking at the world of books. As an avid reader, I love delving into the world of escapism and reading fiction. Today’s book, there is a mystery to solve.

Apart from the Kindle Store, another way that I come across new authors that I haven’t read before is by looking at book sales in shops such as The Works and WHSmith. I came across this author by buying one of their books in a sale at The Works, I actually started with book 9 but enjoyed it so much I started to begin at the beginning.

Dying In The Wool (2009)

Frances McNeil


Take one quiet Yorkshire Village, add a measure of mystery, a sprinkling of scandal and Kate Shackleton – amateur sleuth extraordinaire! Bridgestead is a quiet village: a babbling brook, rolling hills and a working mill at its heart. Pretty and remote, nothing exceptional happens, except for the day when Joshua Braithwaite, goes missing in dramatic circumstances, never to be heard of again.

– from Goodreads

Positive Points

It is a really good read, it is so refreshing to read a murder mystery that isn’t trying to copy the same story structures as Agatha Christie or Conan Doyle, it has a really interesting read and whilst it is about a mystery at the same time it allows you to actually enjoy the story of the characters. The thing that is great about it is that it is set in Yorkshire and the writing really allows you to really paint a picture of the scenery and the location. The story itself is interesting and is an enjoyable read. Kate Shackleton the leading lady, is really easy to like and understand the choices that she makes and the adventures that she decides to take.

Negative Points

There is only one negative point I can think of with this book and that is when Kate goes to London they introduce a character that is not needed and that is Conan Doyle. I don’t understand it and it brings nothing to the narrative it feels like it was placed there to sort of give the reader a sense or reassurance that it is a mystery and it doesn’t need it.

Overall Review

I enjoyed this book, it is an easy read and a mystery that makes you want to keep reading. There are a lot of books in this series and I look forward to reading more of them as I already read number 9 by accident and enjoyed that so looking forward to seeing the next book.

Rating : **** 4 Stars

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