Welcome to Rhinoceros Improv Month!

The covid restrictions have now lifted in the United Kingdom which means that there will probably be more and more improv shows popping up all over the place. One team that have a full year ahead is Rhinoceros Improv. The team perform long form improv that focusses on both the game and characters.

The team have been around for 3.5 years and this year they have got lots of shows planned including their Rhinoceros’ Big Friday monthly event at the North London Tavern, Kilburn. It happens every last Friday of the month and features improv, character comedy, sketch and clowning.

This month I speak to Philippa Peacock, the founder of the team to find out all about Rhinoceros Improv and I will also talk to a few members later in the month as well. Keep tuned, it’s going to be a fun month.

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