In Depth Album Review

In Depth Album – Review – Toward The Fray

When looking for new band or a new album to listen to, you want something that is going to create an impact and stay with you for one reason or another. Today we look at the brand new album by The Infamous Stringdusters,  Toward The Fray

So firstly, who is The Infamous Stringdusters?

Meet The Infamous Stringdusters, Travis Book (bass), Andy Falco (guitar), Jeremy Garrett (fiddle), Andy Hall (Dobro), and Chris Pandolfi (banjo), a US band that are a Grammy Award winning group that specialise in bluegrass, folk and Americana. The band won Best Bluegrass Album in 2018 and have been nominated for the 2022 award again, this time for a recent release called ‘A Tribute To Bill Monroe.’

Let’s Talk about the album

The brand new album that was released yesterday is called Toward The Fray and is the first full studio album that the band has released since 2019. The album was inspired by the events of 2020 and looks at the themes of self-reflection and solidarity. The album was recorded at Mighty Fine Studios in Denver, Colorado, however, the songs were initially written by sending simple phone demos to each other during lockdown.

Stand Out Tracks on The album 

I’m Not Alone

This is a very emotional track and it really highlights a sort of essence of what the last couple of years have been like. It is a slower track on the album but the melodies heighten the emotion. The guitar that is the main instrument throughout feels like it takes you on a journey and in some ways it feels like the metaphorical heartbeat of the track. The way that the instruments gradually build as well creates this really effective feel to the track as well.

Toward The Fray

I always believe that the title track of an album must be special for the whole album to be named after it and this song very much is a something special. The star of this track is the banjo and the melodies are complex and a delight to listen to. The track is quite a steady paced track with a really fun musical interlude that really creates uplifting connotations.

Spirits Wild

If you are a fan of bluegrass then you will be a huge fan of this song as it is toe tapping, catchy and really fun. The song has a great musical melody and really highlights why this is an award winning band. The lyrics are emotional yet poetic.

What’s The Verdict?

This is a good album, it takes you on a journey that is heightened with emotions and has some fantastic tracks on it and the instrumentals are exquisite. If you are not a fan of this genre, give this album a try as a lot of the songs and lyrics you can relate to and it will be a easy way to explore it. I will not be surprised if this is nominated for awards in the future.

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