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The Travel Book – Walking The Highlands – The Glenn Nevis Route

Over the Christmas period, I went to Fort William and in that time walked just under 90 miles. Whilst I didn’t climb Ben Nevis, I did a lot of walking and kept a diary of a few of them, So over the next few weeks we are going to look at them and give you an insight into what you can get up to in that area of the highlands.


walk up to the welcome centre

Today we did one of our first walks, we walked from Fort William town centre, to do one of the beginner walks from the Glenn Nevis Welcome Centre car park. The walk from the town to the car park was a nice walk and welcomed you to some really beautiful sites of the Nevis, the streams and the woodland surrounding.

The very tame robin

When we got to the car park and welcome centre, I had to stop to re-tie my shoelace and this really tame robin came and flew on the table and watched me. I haven’t had a robin fly that close to me and not be scared before, obviously it knows how to get food and has learnt to become friendly.

The view as crossing the bridge

The walk lead us over a bride and down a path that welcomed us with a stunning view of the bottom of Ben Nevis. The Glenn Nevis walk are breath taking and the one thing that really makes it is the weather. It constantly keeps changing and you can get some amazing photography that ends up looking like a photograph.

The view of the base of Ben on the walk

We followed the pathway until it splits and there is another bridge across the water back to the road. When you cross over the bridge you are face to face with to a Youth Hostel, here we turned right and headed down the road until we saw the restaurant of the caravan park and turned left to head up the road to the forest.

The view over the next bridge

The road that leads up to the forest part of the walk is amazing as in front of you there is this great view of the woods and then to the side of you lots of Highland cows and then behind you is an amazing view of Ben Nevis.

Turning around on walk to the woods

When in the forest, we turned right to a pathway that lead us in a circular route. There are these really tall trees, tiny streams and all these twists and turns that really are wonderful. All you can hear a lot of the time is complete silence or the water in the streams with the odd bird chirping.

The walk in the forest

As you walk on near the end of the walk, there is this part where the trees open up and there is this stunning view of the mountains and the hills. We went on a cloudy day but if you went on a really clear day the view would be even more breathtaking.

The view at the top of the forest

At the end of the walk we saw a picnic area and stopped to drink some hot tea and have some sandwiches we bought from a bakery before we set off. I enjoyed this area as we ended up seeing a bird of prey and noticed that it was a great place to see wildlife.

The picnic area we saw a bird of prey.

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