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The Travel Book – The Caledonian Sleeper Train Experience

Over the Christmas period, I got to have the experience of going on holiday again. This year however we kept it to inside the United Kingdom due to Covid and also it took a lot of planning because of this. We decided pretty much straight away to go to Scotland via sleeper train. The reason behind this was you can book yourself a room which means that you do not have to wear a mask the whole time.

Using the Caledonian Sleeper was a really fun experience – depending on what location you are travelling to depends on what time you depart. On the way out we left to go to Glasgow which was at 11pm departure and on the way back we went from Fort William and the departure time was 7:50pm.

There are many different rooms or seating options you can choose from but we chose a Club Cabin because it allows you to have your own ensuite toilet and shower. Also you have the option of having breakfast in the morning as well.

There are some great things that I learnt from this experience:

Space – One thing you realise straight away is that space is limited, there is space under the bed for some luggage but if you have a bigger case you will have to be more creative. It is like one big jigsaw puzzle or real life Tetris and you work out pretty quickly how to make the room work for you.

Sleeping – Something that is going to feel unusual to you are first is sleeping. The bed is ok and once you have round down it can be pretty easy to go to sleep, however at parts of the journey you may find it harder. There are parts where the train bends to the left and the right and can make really loud noises. The good thing is they do provide ear plugs if you so desire them.

I enjoyed going on the Sleeper and found it pretty fascinating experience that I would do it again, It is really interesting watching the map on your phone throughout to see where you are in the UK.

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