In The Games Corner – MEMORY CARD EDITION – Helping Sims To Survive On An Island…

Welcome to the sister article to In The Games Corner that is about computer games but with a different spin. I have been playing computer games from a very young age and I find that some games when I think of them are attached to very strong memories. So, I thought it would be fun to share memories that I have attached to some of these games as there are a few. I wanted to call this feature Memory Card because a lot of my memories that i have strongly are around the Playstation 1 and there will be a few around that particular card. Today we take a look at SIms 2 Castaway.

When you think of the Sims, you think of building houses, making a life for one or more Sims and building their relationships along the way. There was actually a different sort of game however where you would actually have to help the Sims survive in a completely different way.

Sims 2 Castaway was a game set on a desert island an you had to do various things to make sure that your Sims didn’t go hungry,freeze or die. In the game you form tribes, discover new areas of the island, carry items and interact with other Sims.

It was a very unique sort of game that was interesting to play. Being a fan of the original game, I personally found this one hard to adapt to as you felt that there was a lot to do to make a successful camp, It could be fun at times but it was so different that it just was not for me.

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