Ones To Watch – INTERVIEW -Marlow

A new year means there are lots of new and exciting shows, music, albums, comedy and much around the corner and we have an exciting month for you! In true Phoenix Remix tradition we are chatting to lots of different acts all about what they have in store for 2022. Today we talk to Eastbourne based band Marlow about gigs and shows for 2022.

Hello MARLOW tell us all about yourself?

We are a five piece band from Eastbourne, consisting of Freddie (vocals), Joe (guitar), Seb (bass), Liam (drums) and Archie (synth). Freddie and Seb are also brothers. Our songs start with Freddie, usually starting on acoustic guitar and the tracks get built up by the other members adding their parts. In the last year, highlights include releasing our debut EP ‘Enthusiast’ and playing at the Isle of Wight Festival in September. 

How did you get into music?

From childhood we can all say we had a deep interest in music. For Freddie, a lot of this came from long car journeys listening to his parent’s music collection. This definitely feeds into the ‘big chorus effect’, as a lot of what was being played in the journeys was Coldplay, Keane, The Beatles and Oasis, amongst others. 

What have been your favourite songs you have released? 

The final two tracks from our EP have felt like a step up and shape more of what we want to be doing in the future. ‘Fade In’ really felt like a different tone for the band, possibly slightly more grown up, and ‘Foreign Land’ captures us in a new light and the chorus really hits. 

What are your plans for 2022?

We have a headline show on January 15th at The George Tavern in London which we are so excited about! More recently we have been hiding away in the studio, writing lots of new music which will be out next year. Hopefully next Summer will be full of festivals, we loved the Isle of Wight so much this year and would love to get back and play lots more. 

What other acts are you looking forward to seeing perform online or in person to this year?

Sam Fender has done some great things and we’re enjoying his new album. We’re also fans of Inhaler. I’d like to see The Strokes perform, especially after their new album ‘The New Abnormal’ – what an album that is!

What styles do you hope to see more of in music this year?

Sam Fender and Harry Styles are doing a good job bringing back old school feels. It’d be nice to hear other artists writing those sorts of choruses. 

What show are your ones to watch in 2022 and why?

With the past couple of years being the way they have been we just can’t wait for live shows to be back in any capacity. Festival season is always so fun and it’s so exciting to see multiple acts in one place. Being able to discover new artists in that setting always feels quite special. 

Do you have any new year’s resolutions? If so, what are they? 

To act like we don’t care about the $$ !

Are you on social media? If so, how can people find out more about you? 

Yes we’re all over it. Find us on Instagram @marlowband. We are new to Tiktok and always learning! @marlowmusicofficial on there. We also find ourselves using more and more of Twitter too, come say hey @marlowband. There are more music videos on our YouTube channel too @MARLOW. 

Three words why people should come and see you this year?  

Fire and ice! 

Quick Fire Round

The movie or television show you are looking forward to seeing this year?

Freddie – The Beatles Get Back sessions produced by Peter Jackson.

Joe – Hmm, tough question … maybe Witcher Season 2

Seb – Season 2 of Bridgerton

Archie – looking forward to the new Downton Abbey film coming out – woof.

Liam – The new Matrix Film

Your favourite book? 

Joe – Tough one, but probably ‘Fear and Loathing’ by Hunter S. Thompson.. 

Freddie – One of the John Lennon biographies.

Seb – Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Liam – Also the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy!

Archie – Churchill factor by Boris Johnson

If you could paint anything, what would you paint? 

Joe – Hm, lately Basquiat but right now I could just throw paint at a canvas. 

Freddie – My teeth, with whitener.

Seb – I would paint the Earth as viewed from the Moon

Archie – If I could paint anything it would be painting over the damp in Freddie’s flat.

Liam  – The sea

What is the most delightful word you can think of? 

Joe – Onomatopoeia, not sure if it’s delightful but it’s definitely a word. 

Freddie – Ambersome’n’turnerkit. The word means to co-operate – it’s a Greek word I think. Or Northern.

Seb – Pulveratricious – lightly covered with dust.

Archie – Sussex.

Liam – Harmony.

Favourite album? 

Liam – My favourite album is ‘Grand Unification’ Fightstar. Just an unbelievable album to listen to from start to finish.

Seb – Gotta be ‘Definitely Maybe’ by Oasis

Archie – Sergio Mendes ‘Brazil 66’

Joe – Slightly impossible question, but if I had to narrow it down to three… ‘Currents’ by Tame, ‘Channel Orange’ by Frank Ocean and ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ by Pink Floyd 

Freddie – It would be an album that flows well; one that you can listen to in any mood. A Potential contender could be one of the early Kings of Leon albums. They just did all the right things back then. 

 Where would you love to go on holiday this year? 

Liam – New Zealand. Firstly because it has some beautiful locations, which I would just love to explore, and secondly because it’s home to Hobbiton.

Freddie – USA honey! 

Joe – Somewhere I can get some surf in! South of France I hear has some good spots

Archie – a nice little skiing trip somewhere.

Seb – The plan is to go to Sofia, Bulgaria to visit my girlfriend’s family.


What is your favourite quote from a television show? 

Liam – Friends “Joey doesn’t share food!”

Freddie – Schitt’s Creek ‘Daviddddd’

Joe – ‘If the written word is like a drug. If you cut me… I bleed ink’ – Howard Moon

Seb – “Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.” (Michael Scott, The Office Season 2: ‘The Fight’)

Archie – ‘shut up bird!’ (always sunny).

Who is your favourite film character and why?

Freddie – The character Ryan Gosling plays in ‘Crazy Stupid Love’, Jacob. There are layers there to unpeel, I want to be him in that film! And he gets Emma Stone!! 

Joe – Neo, because he has to overcome everything to understand himself and his place in his own reality

Seb – Professor McGonnagal. I’m a trainee teacher and she exemplifies every one of the ‘Teacher Standards’.

Archie – Bond, James Bond. A very charismatic chap who I would love to become.

Liam – Heath Ledger’s Joker. Because of how well he’s portrayed.

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