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OK, so this may be a really random topic to start the year on, I am not a train spotter but this is the one thing that I have learnt from the world of travel is that you have to admire the stations as they can come in all varieties. The architecture of a station can be fascinating and there are so many great ones. So today we are going to look at stations that are in the UK and abroad.

Photo by Kai Pilger on

York, United Kingdom

One of the prettiest stations that I have been to in the United Kingdom is York. I don’t know what it was about it but I just found it striking. It is a really big station and has these really long platforms and wonderful signs and roof. I think the fact that there is so much history with York station it sort of brings a sense of magic to it.

Kissimmee, Orlando, USA

There is nothing that special about this train station but it was in such an American style sort of place that looked like a film set that I couldn’t help but love it. The station was very simple but the green area around it with the pond and the unusual statue made it stand out.

Central Station, NYC, USA

I spent a lot of time in this station when I lived in NYC in 2010 and I loved every second of it. I felt like I was in a film and the big grand clock in the centre was just like everything you always see. Everytime I was there sitting and waiting for a train to Fordham I would highly appreciate where I was and really feel involve myself in what I was doing.

Zermatt, Switzerland

Train stations up mountains are completely different sort of experience to any other station. Firstly they are freezing cold and full of people holding Skis so you have to watch where you go and where you walk. It is a really interesting experience and sort of surreal.

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