Ones To Watch – INTERVIEW – Banana Hut Gang

A new year means there are lots of new and exciting shows, music, albums, comedy and much around the corner and we have an exciting month for you! In true Phoenix Remix tradition we are chatting to lots of different acts all about what they have in store for 2022. Today we talk to the improv troupe Banana Hut Gang who cannot wait to get out there and perform again at the festivals!

Hello Banana Hut Gang tell us all about your improv troupe?

JR: We are a 7 person improv troupe who normally play about in the long form space. We have performed regularly with our ‘Choose Your Own Improv’ show where the audience gets to make choices along the show which dictate the narrative. We’ve been improving together since 2017, having all been previously involved in other theatre. I would describe our improv as silly, funny and improv which enjoys storytelling.

How did your troupe come about?

JR: We started improving together in a drop in session as part of the Am Dram company Sedos back in 2017. From that we decided we wanted to have a group who perform more regularly so we auditioned a group of us and the rest is history! We are still kindly supported by Sedos. 

How did you get into improv?

JR: We all had acted previously so had played about with improv in that context. Then Alex and Chris from the group started the drop in and we all just separately came along to play. Then when it came to auditioning, we all gelled as a group and wanted to take it forward. 

What are your plans improv wise for 2022?

JR: 100% Edinburgh 2022! Then as much performing as we can locally to London as well as in other Fringes across the country where possible. 

What other improv acts are you looking forward to seeing perform online or in person to this year?

LC: We love a bit of Austentacious, another long form improv show that we all admire. I’m also looking forward to seeing St Doctor’s Hospital, the new Free Association Improv show that’s based on medical dramas!


What styles do you hope to see more of in improv this year?

LC: We’re big fans of cage match improv. If anyone wants to take us on we’re well up for it!

What improv troupe is your ones to watch in 2022 and why?

LC: Can we say ourselves?! We’re pretty great.

Do you have any new years resolutions? If so what are they?

LC: To not get Covid and thereby cause our performances to be postponed (again).

Are you on social media? If so how can people find out more about your troupe?

LC: We’re on all the social media. If you search @bananahutgang it would be really weird if you didn’t find us.

Three words why people should come and see you this year?

 We provide lols


The movie or television show you are looking forward to seeing this year?

  • CW: Succession! Clearly the best TV show… you love to hate all the characters. 
  • JR: DUNE! And The French Dispatch 

Your favourite book?

JR: All the Harry Potters, obviously 

If you could paint anything what would you paint? 

LC: Badgers. And my puppy. Perhaps badgers playing with my puppy.

What is the most delightful word you can think of?

LC: Melodrama.

Favourite album?

  • CW: Alanis Morrisette, Post Orgasmic Chill 


Where would you love to go on holiday this year?

JR: Thailand, I must eat my body weight in Pad Thai 

LC: The Maldives, I was deprived of a lockdown trip there for my 40th birthday so I’m determined to make it there this year.


What is your favourite quote from a television show?

LC: “If you walk out that door, this marriage is over”. If you know, you know.

Who is your favourite film character and why?

LC: Marty McFly. I mean. Ultimate cool guy.

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