The Travel Book At Christmas – Have Presents Abroad…

Photo by Olya Kobruseva on

When you go on holiday at Christmas time you accept the fact that you can’t have a normal Christmas. However, it can be a nice to bring a bit of Christmas tradition to your break. If you set a budget of something silly like $20, or 30 euros or something and buy silly presents for each other it can be really fun.

When it comes to the presents buy a bit of Christmas wrapping paper as well you can always get some cheap stuff if you look around so you can have fun unwrapping presents on the day and make it a bit fun! If you choose to do this then try and remember to take sellotape in your suitcase so you don’t have to spend any money abroad.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Christmas is not about the presents but it is quite nice to have a few. Doing presents abroad is so different to home that it is not really about the gifts it is about finding something quirky that you can’t find in the UK. We tend to make a lot of the presents edible as it is a perfect excuse to try something interesting abroad.

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