Improv Corner – Archive Articles – We’re Gonna Be Out Of Our Heads

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Improv Corner will return next year, so to make sure that you don’t go without your weekly Improv Corner fix, we are going to be delving into the archives for a couple of months to bring you some really important topics that you may again find useful

Today’s Topic – We’re Gonna Be Out Of Our Heads
Originally posted:  25 FEB 2019

I was listening to my music on shuffle the other day and came across the newish Take That song ‘Outta Our Heads’ which I had not really heard in such a long time. I forgot how wacky it was and also fun and it got me thinking – what a great song to reference and think about when thinking about

The lyrics go ‘Let’s get out of our heads’ and that is something that you really need to remember to do when performing any sort of improv – you have to get out of your head! Sometime it can be really difficult and you can over think a scene but you need to remember that not being in control can create the best scenes!

The most important thing about any sort of performance is to feel comfortable in the scene that you are in and the people that you are playing with. If you are not feeling comfortable then it can mean that you start feeling uncomfortable meaning that you get in your head and start really focussing on what you are doing and it can really block you.

Another thing as well that can automatically block a scene is if you are not comfortable with the suggestion that you have been given – maybe because it is a topic you do not know much about and you are not sure about the meaning.

The best thing about improv is that no matter what the suggestion is you should own it because at the end of the day you own the scene and whatever you say will go.

Getting out of your head and not controlling what you say can be really difficult – but if you have a lot of support around you it can make things easier. ALSO improv sometimes comes with time, don’t fret if you can’t get out of your head just yet – i promise the time will come and you won’t even realise you are doing it until later on.

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