Off The Record – MIXTAPE – Highlights From The Year Pt 3

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Have you ever wanted To listen to a new band or musician and not sure where to start? Well, instead of listening to their commercial music, why not start with something off the album first! All this month we are taking a look back at some of our favourite tracks that came from the record

Like It
Artist: Waterparks
Greatest Hits

This song feels like it is a celebration of the UK fans as it starts with this interview at the top which specifically highlights the fact that they are in London. The song then kicks in and it is one of the heaviest on the album full of bold guitar riffs, big drum beats and spoken word. It has some really interesting musical components and it is one of those songs you need to listen to more then once to appreciate it.

Just Want To Be Liked
Artist: Texas

This song is really catchy and have this really uplifting beat to it that you cannot help but tap your foot along to. The thing that elevates this track is the guitar melody that is faintly progressive in the background, it creates this really interesting mix between the elements of pop music and indie. It is a catchy track and the brass instruments that come in near the end make you feel like it is a track that could be used in a film or television soundtrack.

Artist: Dim Gray

This song start with this really dramatic piano and drum beat that automatically invites you into this track that is full of wonder and imagery that is painted through the folk feeling track. The lyrics have a sense of narrative to them that take you on a journey and allows you to create this world inside your mind of the journey that the singer is going on. The highlight of this song is the string instruments that intertwine into the music throughout the track to create this really unique sound.

Guilty Games
Artist:Stranger Girl
Black Hole Radio

Heavy bass lines, melodic guitars and emotional lyrics, this is a track that really packs a punch and oozes with everything you want from an indie track. If you are a fan of the mid-noughties style of indie then you are going to love this as it has that sort of sound that is echoed throughout. This is a track you can imagine listening to on a summers day as it ha this really uplifting sound to it.

Something Better
Artist: Emily Wolfe

This track is a great listen and when you hear it, the song automatically feels like it belongs on the soundtrack for a television show or film as it emphasises the many emotions and has this really interesting composition of sound. The lyrics are beautifully written and help to create this song that is hard to stop listening to, it is a track that is 4 minutes of bliss. There are some really interesting guitar solos throughout that really allow you to experience just how good Emily is at the instrument.

Artist: De’Wayne

I love the title track of any album and this one really highlights why this album is so good and really puts this musicians talent in the starlight. It is a real mix of genres and you can’t really put it in a box as to what it actually is but that is the magic if it – it is unique and also takes you on a journey. There are these moments that hint at the punk rock side and then these others that have more elements of hip hop it is a very clever track and I think my favourite on the album.

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