The Travel Book At Christmas – Do Something Different Abroad….

When you go away at Christmas, it can be fun to try and visit things that you normally wouldn’t do. Most people go away near the festive season to go Christmas shopping or to visit the Christmas markets. Well, here are a few things that you can do that are different from the ‘norm’ that you may enjoy at this festive time.


This may sound a bit weird but going to museums at Christmas can be quite fun. For example, in Chicago we were welcomed to a huge gingerbread village and about 50 Christmas trees celebrating the decorations from around the world. There can always be something special to do at this time of the year.


I adore going to the zoo at this time of year, especially if the city that you are in is absolutely freezing. There are hardly any queues, the animals are more active and it can feel like you are in your own very private zoo as it is so empty. Also some zoos do the best hot chocolate, especially in Switzerland so go and make the most of that as well!

Local villages

Don’t stay in the central city when you go at Christmas, instead, try and visit the local villages if you have time. They usually are less tourist traps and they have unique decorations that are more reflective of the town around them then the actual commercial ones.

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