Off The Record – THE MIXTAPE – Highlights From The Year

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Have you ever wanted To listen to a new band or musician and not sure where to start? Well, instead of listening to their commercial music, why not start with something off the album first! All this month we are taking a look back at some of our favourite tracks that came from the record

Modern Junk
Album: All Function One

This song starts with a really interesting drum beat that is emphasized with an electronic bassline and a tambourine melody which makes it a toe tapping delight. The style of music really creates this emotion that depicts the title of Modern Junk and the way that the lyrics intertwine through the catchy rhythms means it creates this really catchy interesting track. It feels like it in some places echoes the styles of eighties and nineties alternative and then mixes it with modern melodies to create this fresh sound. About two thirds of the way through there is this musical interlude that takes this track to a whole different level of creativity.

Rubble By The Stream
Artist: James Walsh
Album: Ruthless Window

If you are a fan of acts such as Scouting for Girls then you will like this track as it has the same uplifting pop feel to it. The piano creates this uplifting beat that echoes the sense of echoes that you get throughout this album whilst also bringing this sense of freshness that makes you wish for summer days. The song feels quite complex on its construction as it takes you on  journey that starts in pop abs develops to sound more indie.

Never Enough
Artist: Black Pistol Fire
Album: Look Alive

This song initially feels complex as when you listen there is a lot of different elements to this track that make it a really great listening experience as you want to listen to it on repeat to work out all the different styles that have been used. The beat and the emotion that is expressed through the music and the lyrics makes you want to listen to this track with a smile on your face and a tap on your feet

Internet Killed The Rockstar
Artist: MODSUN
Album: Internet Killed The Rockstar

The album finishes with the album track which is an unusual decision but when you hear it, the track kind of makes sense it sort of concludes the journey that you have gone on through the album. It is an anthem that is uplifting and whilst it is acoustic it really sort of I guess defines this chapter of music. It is also a song that allows to hear the talent of Ryan and his voice. A great little track

Artist: You Me At Six

This song has a really interesting format to it and has a very different sound to the past albums and this one sort of focusses on this electronic sound mixed with big and bold chorus lines. This track has verses where the lyrics are the stars as the music behind the words is subtle and immerses you into this world of the song. The chorus is very electronic based and has this striking melody that you can’t help but like.

Artist: Ryan Montebleu
Album: Wood EP

The more you listen to this EP, the more personal the album sounds and this track again opens with lyrics that make you feel like you are entering the thoughts and emotions of Ryan. It is a track that has bold acoustic melodies intertwined with these light drum beats that feel a bit like a heart beat that creates this feeling to the track that again makes it very personal feeling. Near the end of the track there are some really fun guitar melodies that intertwine through the sounds to create this unique and uplifting sound.

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