The Travel Book – Music & Travel – Pt.5 The S.L.P

I find both music and travel are both quite personal experiences and when there is a moment or time where they can merge together it can create something pretty special. I listen to a lot of music when I go travelling and sometimes the experience is so special that the song sticks with that travel event as a memory. So I thought it would be nice to visit that topic and talk to you over the next few weeks about just some of the magical musical moments I have had on my adventures.

Location : Edinburgh
Song: Meanwhile…In Geneva, The S.L.P

A few years ago, I went to Edinburgh Fringe for a few days to check out the comedy and to experience the festival again as it is so fun. Even though I went to a few shows with friends, a lot f the time I was travelling and walking around the festival by myself which is when the music kicked in.

I created this one long playlist of lots of different music but the one song that stood out for me was one of the tracks by Sergio Pizzorno, the Kasabian front man, who had released a debut solo album called the name as his solo singer name – The S.L.P.

Meanwhile…In Geneva is such a wonderful instrumental piece of music and it is something that could easily sit on a soundtrack for a television show or a film. When I was going around the Fringe, this track was on a lot. I enjoyed the way that it sort of made the sights I was seeing turn into a sort of montage. I don’t know why but it gave everything a sort of Bohemian spin to it.

The thing I liked about this track is the way this melody has this really catchy jingle sound that intertwines throughout and creates this wonderful experience.

It really is a song that feels like it was made for travel. Every time I hear it now, all I think about is Edinburgh and that Fringe experience.

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