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Improv Corner will return next year, so to make sure that you don’t go without your weekly Improv Corner fix, we are going to be delving into the archives for a couple of months to bring you some really important topics that you may again find useful

Today’s Topic – Records Parts of Rehearsal
Originally posted: 25th May 2020

Rehearsals are a fun way to develop and enjoy time with your team. Even now, when we are having to adapt to doing rehearsals online, new ideas can still come from them. When in rehearsal, time can go so fast that everything cam go by in a blur. So why not record parts of your rehearsal?

Even in these times where online is something improv is having to adapt to,  recording your rehearsals can really help develop ideas for the future. It is sort of an easier way to take notes.

When Punderstandably existed, we used to record sections of our rehearsals and here is why:

+ To see games we need to improve – How do you see if a game works for the audience? Well recording it can work really well. It allows you to see what works and what doesn’t  and how you can develop it for your next show.

+For players who cannot attend rehearsal – In any improv group there will be times when people can’t be at a rehearsal (this can happen in the online world as well) so recording parts of your improv rehearsal so that those that cannot attend can see where you have made developments to your games / show.

+ To watch at a later date – Sometimes things you may not find helpful then may be something that is helpful later down the lane. It can create new ideas for games.


Don’t post your rehearsal videos online, if there is something that you find is funny and you think your audience / fans will enjoy only post if you have approval and consent from every person in that video.  These videos are filmed on trust and to not with an aim to be shown to the public, they are there to help you develop as a team.

Whilst it can feel cringey watching yourself back, it really can have its benefits and help out. We found it really useful and a lot of game developments happened once we watched the footage back.

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