Forgotten Pop

Forgotten Songs! – This Week – Sneakerlight

There are so many songs that are out there everywhere then all of a sudden they disappear and you only hear from them very rarely that they can create a sense of nostalgic for you, the listener. So roll up and welcome to Forgotten Songs where we celebrate these forgotten wonders.

Sneakerlight – Vanessa Hudgens

Today we are going to look at a single that was released by actress and American singer Vanessa Hudgens. Sneakerlight was released on the 27th May 2008, it was actually the only single that was released off of her second album called Identified.

Sneakerlight was written by J R Rotem, S Nymoen and L.Solf and produced by J R Rotem. The track was released under the record label of Hollwood. The music video that was released with the track was used for an Ecko Unlimited Commercial which is a clothing company.

The single was not that successful in the charts – the only top 10 that it got in was the US Dance Club Songs chart at the position of number 8. In the UK it only charted at number 164.

I only heard this track for the first time today and I instantly felt it was promoting something before I even did the research for it and found out that it was. I wasn’t a fan of the song and felt that it mixed too many genres together.

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