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The Travel Book – Cruise Tip Special – Let’s Talk About Excursions

At the moment we are looking at all the different aspects of a cruise. Today we are going to look at the world of planning what to do at each of the stops that you will go to on your trip.

Today’s Topic – Let’s Talk About Excursions

When you are on board, you will start to notice and become aware that when you go to different destinations there are things called Excursions which are exclusive day trips and experiences at different cities and countries that you visit. One thing that you will notice is that the prices of the excursions can be pretty expensive and lead to the debate amongst you – should you spend cash and go on them?

The honest answer from me is that it depends. Most of the ports that I have neem to, I have not been on Excursions as it has been easy enough to just get off the boat and do your own thing but sometimes it pays to do an excursion instead.

When I was in the Caribbean we ended up doing a lot of excursions because it was the easiest way to get around the islands and also it allowed us to experience the most amazing things such as canoe in the mangroves, swimming with turtles in the sea and visiting bird island and many more.

However, when we went on a Mediterranean cruise or one to Norway, we booked hardly any trips and instead we went walking or did our own thing.

The good thing about the days at sea is that they have lectures about each of the ports and the excursions available. These can be really useful as some of the excursions you thought may be good might not be what you expected and others may stand out and persuade you to book.

Some of these really popular excursions can sell out really fast and others can be cancelled due to lack of numbers. I would say, your first day on board find out where the excursions desk is so you ar ready.

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