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The Travel Book – Cruise Tip Special – Life On Board

The other day I realised that I had never written about cruise life and wanted to spend a few weeks discussing different elements of life with travel in this form! Last week I spoke about the first day on board, today we are going to talk about what life is like on board.

Today’s Topic – Life On Board

When you go on a cruise – no matter whether it is for a short one or a long one – you will be spending a lot of time on the boat, so here are a dew things to look out for whilst you are there.

Calendar of Events

When yo go on board you will be given a timetable of all the events you can get involved with while on board. They really do vary in style and you can do anything from dance lessons, art lessons, fashion talks, lectures, cinema club plus much much more. They can be a great way to learn a new skill, have a bit of silly fun and get to know others that are on the baot with you.

If you are on a longer cruise then the activities will repeat at a later date whilst on a shorter cruise they may not. I have been on a few cruises both long and short and have participated in various activities including watercolour painting lessons, cha cha lessons, lectures about cities we were visiting and bingo. Some of them were really interesting, some of them were not as great but it was all good experience. Some of the activities such as the fashion catwalk and cooking lessons they stream live on your television in your room so you can always dip in and out of it if you desire.

Use The Facilities

Depending on how big your boat is, depends on what there is available but usually there are things such as a gym, swimming pool, spa, library and shops. Don’t feel pressured to use them but they are good fun to use. When I have been on cruises I have been to the spa, rented books from the library, used the casino and went to the gym (even on Christmas Day!).

Enjoy The Sea

There are not many times in life where you are surrounded by this much water so, embrace it! There was nothing better then sitting on our own private balcony watching the sea and time pass by. Even if you don’t have your own balcony you can always go and sit at one of the cafes or on the sun deck to embrace it.

Find Your Sea Legs

You will find that when you are at sea it can take a while to adjust to the different way to walk. If the sea is rough, it can be very wobbly on board and you have to adapt to walking on moving floors. If you suffer sea sickness make sure that you take some ginger biscuits with you so you can try and combat it.

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