Off The Record – Magic Of The Music Video Special – Myths Of The Near Future, Klaxons

Last year, we launched a brand new set of articles called The Magic of The Music Video which looks at videos that have inspired me as a Video Editor. Well, I thought I would bring that article to life in more ways then one by celebrating certain albums that some of those singles have come off of. Why do this you ask? Well, you may know the songs but may of never actually listened to the albums so welcome to this section of this feature that will happen throughout the year.  In June we did a month celebrating the music of the Klaxons and today we take a look at their debut album – Myths of The Near Future

Two Receivers

This is the opening track on the album and it has a huge introduction with these bold electronic drum beats that have a sense of echo to them. This is a strong song to kick an album off with as it really sort of defines the unique sound that The Klaxons have whilst also welcoming you into their world. The song has this really melodic atmospheric feel to it that takes you on a journey that feels futuristic and very different to other albums that were available in 2007.

Totem on a Timeline

This song has a really fast beat to it and it relies on these fast guitar riffs and electronic drum beat to create this really interesting musical mix. It is one of the shorter tracks on the album but it also one of the most catchiest as it is so unusual. The lyrics are simple and short but they stand out because the music allows them to become the star of the track.

Isle Of Her

This is the most random track on the whole album and it is one of those songs that you can never be sure if you like it or hate it. The song relies on heavy echoes on the lyrics and these bold metallic drum beats which make you feel like you are actually in a rowing boat. The song has this repetitive beat that pushes the track through with this electronic and metal elements that again create this futuristic feeling when it paints an image.

Four Horseman of 2012

This is the last track on the album and it has this really heavy beat and bassline to it that creates this dramatic outro to the whole thing. The song is more spoken then sung to create this really unique song that takes you on a journey with it’s narrative. The music is fast paced and feels like there are a lot of different elements that you have to listen out for.

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