INTERVIEW: Get Your Comedy Writing Published With Vulpine Press and The Comedy Crowd

 If you are someone who is a comedy writer or interested in writing then this may be the perfect opportunity for you. Vulpine Press have teamed up with The Comedy Crowd for the search for the next comedy author. I spoke to Vulpine Press Humour Commissioning Editor Troy to find out all about it.

Hello Troy, tell us a little bit about Vulpine Press?

Vulpine Press is an independent publishing house which distributes internationally through all major retailers, including Barnes & Noble, Waterstones and many independent bookshops and online stores. We were established in 2017 to publish high quality, innovative and stylish books, and those which straddle genres. 

 Tell us all about the sort of books and authors that the company have published already?

We have an exceptionally diverse list of titles ranging from apocalyptic horror to romance, and everything in between. We work with debut novelists and decorated writers alike.  If the story captures our imagination we will pursue it, regardless of how experienced the author is or where they are located.  

How did the partnership with The Comedy Crowd come about?

As Commissioning Editor for Humour, I am responsible for soliciting comedy novels and humorous non-fiction books, and editing them up to a publishable standard. From my own experience on the comedy circuit, I knew that many funny people have manuscripts gathering dust on their shelf at home. I also knew that The Comedy Crowd is always looking to provide its global community of 10,000+ comedy creators exciting opportunities to hone their craft, get in front of industry and work with brand partners; so they were perfect to collaborate with on this!   

And this August  you are releasing a search for the next comedy author! Tell us all about that! 

Writers are invited to send us a short proposal which is a synopsis of their book, alongside a brief explanation of what makes it different. We are also accepting submissions from writer-illustrators. Successful entrants will be asked to provide the first three chapters (or 10,000 words maximum) of their manuscript. In some cases, we may ask to see entire manuscripts depending on the type of book submitted. Finally, following a full read-through, selected authors will be contacted with a view of possible acquisition, editing and publication of their book via Vulpine Press. 

The Humour genre is a somewhat overlooked and undernourished area in publishing nowadays, so we feel it is time for a bit of a shake-up. This opportunity is open to anyone regardless of whether they are represented by a literary agent or have previously had work published. Whether they are submitting a novel, a memoir or something completely random, we want bold and original ideas, which are well written and hilariously funny. 

It sounds like a very exciting opportunity, If anyone wants to get involved or find out more, where can they visit online?

The Comedy Crowd have created a dedicated webpage to house all of our submissions, please follow this link for more information: Comedy Crowd » Blog Archive Vulpine Press Comedy Author – Comedy Crowd (

Is there a particular style of comedy writing you are looking for?

Nope. Comedy novels range from Bridget Jones’ Diary, to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy; there is lots of scope to be funny in prose. 

When is the deadline?

August 20th 2021

Finally in three words why should people apply?Because they can.  

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