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If there is one show on television that is a great to watch for improv inspiration then that would be Taskmaster. A television series where 5 comedians or television personalities take on a number of silly challenges that are set by Alex Horne and Greg Davies there is so much to love about this show and also it can be very funny to watch. Personally, I feel that the older series are the best and they also are home to some of the best games and there are a few that are really great to watch for inspiration.

Crazy Delicious

It is not everyday that I will use a cooking show to create a point about improv but today I am going to make an exception because there was the tiniest of sections of this show that I think is a really good point about improv and I wanted to bring it to the table. There is a show on Netflix called Utterly Delicious which is a cooking competition where three contestants compete to win the golden apple. There are three rounds where they have to reinvent a popular dish.

In episode 2 of the show they are told to think of a new way to present a grilled cheese sandwich and there is a tiny action at the judges table that I think is great for improvisers and should be watched. When they are discussing what a perfect cheese sandwich should have they do this action of pulling a sandwhich and the cheese being long and and stringy. For this partiular movement there is no words just actions but you can imagine this cheese and the taste automatically and that is why I think it is important to improvisers.

When you do an improv scene it is really important to paint a picture in someones head and you can really do this sometimes without words but by the actions that you take on the stage. The slightest movement as your character can really paint a very vivid imagery to the audience and welcome them into your world. By watching this movement on Utterly Delicious you will notice that it is really simple but really makes you think of cheese and the perfect toasty.

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