Camden Fringe Festival 2021

Camden Fringe 2021 – INTERVIEW – Ladybirds, The Lion and Unicorn

This summer we are very lucky to see some of life return to normal and one of the things that is coming back with a bang this year is Camden Fringe! We have spoke to a number of acts that you can go and see on the actual stage, so if you have missed comedy and theatre then this is a great time for you! If you are planning on going to the festival though please pre-book your tickets to avoid disappointment. Today we are talking to the show Ladybirds

Date: 2nd – 4th August
Time: 8:30pm
Location: The Lion and Unicorn

Hello! Tell us about Ladybirds? 

LadyBirds is the story of 5 women linked only by their grief for a mutual friend and the promise they made to her. A story of friendship, loss and ultimately hope. 

How did you come up with the name of your show that you’re taking to the Camden fringe? 

The name LadyBirds was suggested in one of our creative Zooms and immediately it just felt right. For all of us, it encapsulates the fact we have an all female cast and crew, and underlines that the play is written about women. 

Tell us a little bit about your style of show? 

Ladybirds is a modern comedy about 5 women. The cast have all written and created the piece, so it’s a reflection on all of our lives at the moment. We have an amazing director Lotte Ruth Johnson and can’t wait to get in the rehearsal room with her. Our aim is for it to be about the ensemble with perhaps a little physical theatre thrown in (Covid rules allowing!). 

What will your set be about? 

This work in progress puts women over the age of 35 at the heart of the story. It explores the fantasy and expectation of being grown up and settled in our skin, when in reality, more often, the opposite is true. 

What other acts are you looking forward to seeing at the fringe?

Such a good question and there are so many. We’ve loved hearing from other shows who want to support and spread the word including Sixteen Sixty Theatre and Shut Up and Drive. But really we think everyone putting on a show is amazing and we would just encourage everyone to see and support as many of them as possible! 

Have you done the fringe before? What have been some of your favourite shows to date and why? 

Double Yellow Productions have done two work in progress shows at the Hen and Chickens in 2017 and 2018. Megan also performed with her sketch group Mixed Doubles in 2016. As for past shows, we saw Sisterbound, directed by Nicola Pollard in 2017 and absolutely loved it – female led theatre at its best. 

How has the last year in lockdown been for you? 

It’s been a tough year for everyone but as a cast and crew we’ve tried to be as positive and proactive as possible. For Double Yellow Productions our comedy short ‘Best Friends’ has won three international film awards over the last 12 months and Kirsty was also awarded “Best actress in a comedy sketch” at NYC Comedy Shorts Festival for her performance in the film. It can be seen here: 

Have you managed to do many online shows?

We were all blown away by how theatre adapted to lockdown and the pandemic. As such we still had the opportunity to perform online. 

In 2020, the cast all took part in Theatre 503’s ImagiNation performance last year. You can see it here. 

So far in 2021, Megan has performed with Foreign Affairs Theatre Company as part of their livestream translation showcase, Ciara performed ‘Spiral Path’ by Andrew Sharpe for the Cockpit Theatre in the Pound and Kirsty performed in Blink’s Theatre Response 5: ESCAPE. 

Most recently Sharan wrote a piece about identity called “Unapologetically Me”, which was commissioned by Essex Visual Arts and was performed by Misha Adomadia and directed by George Morgan. And last but not least, ‘Open Return’, directed by Lotte directed and acted in by Sarah, received an OffFest nomination for best Online Theatre at Brighton Fringe Festival! 

And now you are returning to the stage!!! How exciting! What are you looking forward to the most? 

Ladybirds feels like it’s been in the running for a long time. As a cast we all met in 2019 working on a short play but we haven’t been able to do anything, altogether in person since. It’s going to feel like such a treat and a reunion and is a testament to how well we work on and off the stage. 

What advice would you give to others who want to perform at Camden Fringe next year? 

The Camden Fringe is such a good opportunity to try out new ideas or show off something you have been working on. It’s such a supportive festival and with so many fabulous small theatres to apply to there’s nothing to lose – be brave and do it. 

What is the best thing about performing at the Camden fringe? 

Performing in London where we all live is always a special feeling. It will be even more poignant this time around as for all of us, as it will be the first time treading the boards, in real life since Covid came into our lives. 

What are your three favourite things about Camden? 

It’s home (for Sarah and Ciara they have lived In and around the area for most of their life!) Its diversity. 

The nightlife. 

Favourite one liner you have done in a show and why? 

Shit cake Catherine – don’t worry – it will all make sense when you see the show! 

Who would be your ultimate dream audience member? 

Olivia Coleman and the producing crew of South of the River! (Olivia if you’re reading this we think Ladybirds would make a wonderful TV series!). We also all agree that Michaela Coel

has been an absolute example to us. She writes, produces, acts and directs and does things her way. 

The iconic image of the Camden Fringe is the Pigeon – if you could call this year’s pigeon a name to represent its style what would it be and why? 

We would say Percy. The name makes us smile and at the same time reminds us of the sweets you get in Marks and Spencer’s – so it’s a win win. 

If people want to find out more about you, where can they follow you on social media? 

Our website also has lots more information and links to all of our fabulous cast and crew. 

On Twitter we are Double__Yellow and our instagram is @doubleyellowproductions. Please check us out and give us a follow, we’d love to hear from you. 

And Finally in three words – Why should people come and see the show?

Women. Are. Funny.

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