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The Travel Book – The Things That Can Make A Hotel Stay Not Great…

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I used to travel a lot and with that you start to use a lot of different hotels, there are things that start to stand out that you start to like and dislike about them. Whilst I tend to stay at different brands big or small, you start to notice things that can really impact your stay. So over the next couple of weeks I thought I would talk about a few generic points about this both the good and bad things that I like and do not like about hotels. This week we are going to look at things that I am really not a fan of in a hotel. It doesn’t matter whether it is a pricey hotel or an independent some things can really make the difference to your stay.

Not Being Told A Wedding or Event Is On

It is your big day and you are marrying someone or celebrating something and I am happy for you honestly. The one thing I am not a fan of is the people at the hotel thinking people not with the party want to be part of it whether it be above the parties bedrooms or the loud music where they could of placed you in a different part of the hotel that is completely silent, it has happened to me in Denmark and twice in the United Kingdom, every time it leads to no sleep.

Small Windows with No Air Con

It can be really annoying when a room doesn’t have air conditioning but when they can’t for some reason that is fine if they have big windows to allow the air in. However, if you have no air con and tiny windows that hardly open then there is a problem, it can leave the room dry and airless which can lead to headaches.

No soundproofing

Another thing I am not a fan of is hotels that have not updated their rooms to be soundproofed, no-one wants to be disturbed in regardless of what. When you have a room that is silent it is so weird but also really refreshing because it makes you really feel like you are away on holiday and relaxation.

Rude Staff

It doesn’t happen very much but when staff are rude to you they can make you feel incredibly unwelcome as a guest and it can alter how you feel on your stay.

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