Gigstory – Barn Dancing With Noah And The Whale

Welcome to a feature that will be published every other week. I go to a lot of gigs and there are always little stories that come out of them that I always want to tell someone so what better place to do it!

Todays Gig: Barn Dancing With Noah And The Whale

When I was at University, I used to go to quite a few concerts because a lot of them were pretty cheap which was absolutely great! A friend and I both wanted to go to two different concerts and we didn’t really want to go alone so we made a deal to go to each others concerts. My one was The Automatic which if I honest I cannot remember a lot about the concert and the one my friend wanted to go to was Noah and The Whale.

It is one of those concerts that I will never forget because it is such a random show and never experienced anything like this before. The mosh pit was not your average one, instead people used the space to barn dance throughout – yes you heard that correctly, a lot of the audience were barn dancing throughout the show.

Noah and the Whale is not a band I would not normally see live but I really enjoyed myself as it was such an uplifting show, it was full of fun and everyone enjoying it that it became a really fun experience to be a part of. When they played their hits such as 5 years time the crowd went crazy and the energy that there already was, increased by a lot more. It really was a fun night.

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