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The Travel Book – AROUND THE UK SPECIAL – Bus Journeys

With the lockdown slowly starting to ease in the United Kingdom I thought it would be good fun to talk about different places of interest that I personally enjoy in the country.  So ever so often I am going to cover different topics of places you could visit that I personally enjoyed. 

As not someone who drives, I realised that bus journeys can be an important way to see a country and sometimes you can visit places that don’t take this into consideration, however when you find one that takes you to places that you can’t normally reach it can be pretty special. So today we are going to look at a few bus journeys in the United Kingdom that I have done with some amazing views along the way.


When I lived in Newcastle I used to spend weekends jumping on random buses and going to different areas. One of the buses I ended up taking was one that went all the way to Alnwick. It was quite a long journey but the views that you got on the water and the countryside was amazing. The bus passed through some pretty villages and it allowed me to see parts of the North East I wouldn’t normally be able to see.


From Bournemouth there is a bus that goes all the way to Swanage and if you go on a good day when it is sunny then you can go upstairs where it is an open topped roof and get the sun and breeze in your face. This is quite a fun little journey and your even get to go on a mini boat across the harbour of Poole. On the journey you get to see some lovely views along the way and also see a lot of the coast as well.


The coach journey that went up to Thurso in Scotland went all along the East Coast and had some wonderful views and roads along the way. It was one of those journeys where it feels like the roads belong in a Top Gear episode and some of those tight corners were very interesting in a coach.

Isle of Wight

If you don’t drive then a lot of the ways to get around the island is by bus. If you sit on the top floor you can get some cracking views and even rabbits running on the fields at sunset.

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