HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! Today we Turn 6!

Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com

If in 2015 someone would of told me that I would still be writing this website 6 years later, I wouldn’t of believed them. If someone would of told me that I would spend that time interviewing nearly 100 improv acts, comedians and musicians I would of not believed them again. If they told me that one year you would get 60,000 reads in a world that relies on social media videos such as Tik Tok and Instagram I definitely wouldn’t believe them!!! However, this is the figures that I present you with now and still cannot believe that is the reality.

Every year I take this time to thank the readers (you!) For taking the time to read the site and I look forward to bringing you another year of great fun and lots of interviews and content.

Over the past year it has been a very difficult time for the entertainment industry and we have tried to do what we can to help out acts in anyway possible and have had the chance to talk to some fantastic people along the way.

Over the next year we are going to aim to get more interviews and coverage of shows and will do all we can to get you more insight into the entertainment world.

In year 6 we will try and bring you lots more content, more reviews and interviews on the way. We already have some fun things in the works so I hope you will enjoy!

So thank you again for looking and reading this website and in true birthday tradition – here are five articles from the year.

1) Celebrating Comedy Month – Do Not Adjust Your Stage

Date Posted: 21/8/20

Link To Article: https://thephoenixremix.com/2020/08/21/celebrating-comedy-month-interview-do-not-adjust-your-stage/

Reason for article:   In August last year we wanted to celebrate the comedy and improv scene as it had been such a tough year for the community. We put some fun questions to some huge acts that didn’t mention the pandemic once and allowed them just to be silly whilst also talking about the comedy form that they love. Do Not Adjust Your Stage was one of the acts that we interviewed.

2) Meet The Funny Women Awards 2020 Finalists – INTERVIEW – Izzy Askwith

Date Posted: 21/9/20

Link To Article: https://thephoenixremix.com/2020/09/21/meet-the-funny-women-awards-2020-finalists-interview-izzy-askwith/

Reason for article:  In September last year I was lucky enough to talk to the finalists of the Funny Women Awards and amongst those comedians was the winner who was none other then Izzy Askwith. It was really fun to talk to all the finalists and find out all about their comedy style and their comedy heroes.

3) easylaughs Month – INTERVIEW – Storm Cat and The Sun….

Date Posted: 28/10/2020

Link To Article: https://thephoenixremix.com/2020/10/28/easylaughs-month-interview-storm-cat-and-the-sun/

Reason for article:  In October I had the pleasure to chat with Amsterdam based improv troupe easylaughs about the community in the Netherlands and about the shows that they have managed to put on over the lockdown period. It was a really interesting interview as we also got to talk to different members individually as well.

4) The Travel Book – Top Tips For Creating A Travel Scrapbook Pt.3

Date Posted: 29/10/20

Link To Article: https://thephoenixremix.com/2020/10/29/the-travel-book-top-tips-for-creating-a-travel-scrapbook-pt-3/

Reason for article:  During lockdown it has allowed me to think of the Travel Book in a different way and come up with different angles to approach this topic. I thought It would be fun to talk about something I love doing as a hobby and hoped that it inspired others.

5)The Improv Place Month – INTERVIEW – The New Website For Improv…

Date Posted: 11/11/20

Link To Article: https://thephoenixremix.com/2020/11/11/the-improv-place-month-interview-the-new-website-for-improv/

Reason for article:  Last year The Improv Place was launched and it was a new social media platform that allowed you to connect with other members of the improv community as well as join exclusive lessons and forums. It was great fun talking to Chris and Katy around the time of the launch of this exciting venture and how it has grown over the year.

6)Ones To Watch in 2021 – INTERVIEW – Sharkbait

Date Posted: 26/1/21

Link To Article: https://thephoenixremix.com/2021/01/26/ones-to-watch-in-2021-interview-sharkbait/

Reason for article: One thing that we have started to do a lot this year is interview more bands and musicians which has been really exciting to do! One of the bands we interviewed at the beginning of the year is Sharkbait who have released new music throughout 2021 and I have had the privilege to chat to them more then once.

7)Improv Corner – Improv In The Media – Detective Pikachu

Date Posted: 7/6/21

Link To Article: https://thephoenixremix.com/2021/06/07/improv-corner-improv-in-the-media-detective-pikachu/

Reason for article: This year I have been looking at television shows and films in the media as I think it can be absolutely fascinating to see how it is depicted and displayed as a comedy form and there are so many different opinions and portrayals that make you really think about the comedy form. I watched Detective Pickachu whilst I was on a treadmill and was pleasantly surprised how good it was and it had this great scene that really highlighted a fun fact about improv.

8)The Magic Of The Music Video! – The All-American Rejects Month – Walk Over Me

Date Posted: 24/09/20

Link To Article: https://thephoenixremix.com/2020/09/24/the-magic-of-the-music-video-the-all-american-rejects-month-walk-over-me/

Reason for article: I have been writing this article now for just under two years and I have loved every second of it. One of the most amazing things was that All American Rejects actually read this and retweeted the article which was insane as I am a huge fan of them. This was a fun video to analyse as there was so many fun transitions and graphics.

9) The Travel Book – TRAVEL STORIES – July 4th and The Bucket List, New York City

Date Posted: 25/2/21

Link To Article: https://thephoenixremix.com/2021/02/25/the-travel-book-travel-stories-july-4th-and-the-bucket-list-new-york-city/

Reason for article: Since we are in a world where travel is not really an option at the moment it made me think of experiences that I have had abroad that are great little stories that I have gathered along the way! There are so many stories left to tell but I really enjoyed July 4th in New York City and it was the best fireworks I have ever seen.

10) Today’s Featured Artist – INTERVIEW – Asher Knight

Date Posted: 19/3/21

Link To Article: https://thephoenixremix.com/2021/03/19/todays-featured-artist-interview-asher-knight/

Reason for article: This year we also started off an article called Featured Artist to really showcase the music talent that is out there. It has been a really successful article and it has also given people an insight into what actually is some of their own personal favourite tracks.

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