EXCLUSIVE: Human Or Machine Short Film About AI and Improv

For our sixth birthday we have a very special treat for you, our very first short film focussed on a specific topic on improv. In 2019 I filmed Piotr Mirowski and Kory Mathewson to find out all about the world of Improv, robotics and AI. It is a topic that has always fascinated me and I wanted to know more. So as a side project / hobby I went behind the scenes two years ago to find out all about it. Here is the video – please let us know your thoughts we would love to hear them!


Filmed and Produced by Holly Bartolo

Additional Footage: RLDLSS _2019 _Improbotics Rosetta Code 2019 Art Ai Festival 2021 ImproBotics

MUSIC: ANW2586_03_Computers-Take-Over ANW3358_04_I-Don’t-Know-Why ANW2621_46_Dystopian-Destiny-7-(30) ANW1907_01_Intergalactic.mp3V beauty-flow-by-kevin-macleod hiding-your-reality-by-kevin-macleod new-direction-by-kevin-macleod deliberate-thought-by-kevin-macleod License Filmmusic Standard

Special Thanks to Improbotics

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