Taste Of States – This Week – Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza

Welcome To Taste of States a place where we celebrate the weird and wonderful food of the United States of America. This can be everything from the snacks that are available for a limited time to the foods that are classic traditions at events such as Christmas and Thanksgiving! Each week we will explore the facts and the history surrounding a different food.



Just when you thought that the fast food chains or restaurants have done everything there could be done with pizza, along comes a new idea that blows that theory out of the water. At the end of 2019, Pizza Hut announced that they were going to start selling a product called Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza, however do not let the name confuse you as it technically isn’t a pizza.

The Cheez-It Pizza was added to the menu as a starter but you could also get it as part of the $5 N Up Lineup deal as well. In each purchase you get four squares for $6.49, in a red box. In the container there are four pastry squares with cheese in the middle and have the Cheez-It dust that is used on the crackers on the top. The Cheez-It Pizzas could be purchased in either cheese flavour or pepperoni and comes with a side of Marinara sauce.

Every review that I have read about this product has been a negative one. One reviewer commented that it looked like toasted ravioli and another stated that it did not taste like pizza or Cheez-It crackers, they even mentioned that they were greasy.

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