Gigstory – “Livin’ On A Prayer” With Bon Jovi

Welcome to a feature that will be published every other week. I go to a lot of gigs and there are always little stories that come out of them that I always want to tell someone so what better place to do it!

Todays Gig: Livin’ On A Prayer With Bon Jovi

I had never really thought about going to a stadium before for a gig, mainly because I am not a fan of huge crowds and prefer to see groups or bands in a smaller venue, however when my friend offered me a ticket last minute to see Bon Jovi in 2008 at Southampton Football Stadium, I couldn’t say no to that!

When you go to a stadium to see a band, no-one makes you aware of how long you actually have to wait to see any of the bands on the stage. We got to Southampton really early from Bournemouth and then went somewhere for a quick bite to eat and then headed to the stadium. I think we got into the stadium about 1 or 2 in the afternoon (it could of been a bit later) and the standing area was already getting pretty busy. For the next few hours it was all about entertaining ourselves which felt like a lifetime. However, no matter how long it was it was the anticipation and the waiting the music which made it feel long, it was nice to hang out with your friends.

It was a hot day in June so I remember that we were very hot and drinking lots of water throughout the day to make sure that we would be ok for when the gig happened. When the time finally came for the music we were really looking forward to it.

The gig was amazing and I am so glad that I took the last minute ticket even though it was really expensive because it was a fantastic experience. Bon Jovi were phenomenal and they were a band that I never thought I would see live and the fact that I got the chance to was amazing. The energy in the audience was also electric and this even overflowed onto the publish transport as everyone was singing the songs on the journey home. If you get a chance to see them live, do it.

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