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The Travel Book – AROUND THE UK SPECIAL – Areas Of Natural Beauty

With the lockdown slowly starting to ease in the United Kingdom I thought it would be good fun to talk about different places of interest that I personally enjoy in the country.  So ever so often I am going to cover different topics of places you could visit that I personally enjoyed. 

New Forest

If there is one place that is beautiful and full of so many great parts to see then it is the new forest. I have been to many different sections and each area has its own characteristics and charm. You will always find the odd stream or the odd cow or horse appearing which leads to its charm. The national park is so huge so I think there is a lot of it that I have not yet had the chance to visit yet but everytime i go it makes me want to visit all over again. It is really easy to get there as well, even if you do not drive you can head to the train station of Brockenhurst and it stops right in the centre with easy access for you.

Norfolk Broads

I went to the Norfolk Broads when I was a kid so I don’t have that many memories of it but I do remember going on a boat down them and the reeds that we were surrounded by. What I can remember of them was so pretty and it is a place that I would love to visit again. I just remember it being so quiet with birds everywhere and lots of beautiful scenery.

Berwick -Upon-Tweed

When I lived in the North East I visited here for the day and walked 10 miles as it was so beautiful and such a picturesque place. It is not surprising that a lot of art has been influenced by this area and there is a Lowry trail in which you can follow that shows you where famous pieces were painted whilst also seeing these fantastic views. I loved it so much there and want to visit again as one visit does not give it enough justice.


When I was 17, we decided to go all the way up East Coast of Scotland by public transport stopping off at certain places along the way. Bucky was one of the stops that we stayed at for a day and it was somewhere we did not know much about and we went walking and found these wonderful areas of amazing rustic countryside that was so lovely to see, we even got to see seals in the sea. It was wet and rainy but I caught some lovely photographs.

Brownsea Island

When I lived in Bournemouth, I always tried to make an effort to go to Brownsea Island in Poole as it is such a great place to get lost and witness UK nature. It is one of the few homes of the red squirrel and it has fish in the water and lots of nature at every turning point. To get to the island, you need to grab a boat from Poole that is pretty pricey but the island is worth it.

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