Taste Of States – This Week – Deep Fried Jelly Beans

Welcome To Taste of States a place where we celebrate the weird and wonderful food of the United States of America. This can be everything from the snacks that are available for a limited time to the foods that are classic traditions at events such as Christmas and Thanksgiving! Each week we will explore the facts and the history surrounding a different food.


Ever so often on this site, we love to look at the foods and snacks that have been available at the State Fairs in America and today we look at an item that originated from West Springfield in Massachusetts – Deep Fried Jelly Beans. So what exactly does this snack involve and how do you fry a jelly bean?

Well, to fry this particular sweet, it is mixed into a funnel cake like mixture that is there to hold the beans in place and when it is deep fried at a high temperature they will stay held firm. The pellets of batter are dipped into a fryer for a little while to form this hard outer crust that gives the snack its crispy coating.

Every order that you purchased of Deep Fried Jelly Beans meant that you got five round balls which are quite big and allows you to try different flavours in each one. I haven’t been able to find out a lot about the price of this product but I have found reviews that say that you need to try them at least once and that they are chewy.

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